A Lesson in Inclusion: Three Special Emissaries With Special Needs

While organizations nationwide are putting their heads together to find methods and programs to foster inclusion of those with special needs, one synagogue in Philadelphia has been doing so naturally for 30 years.

Algemeiner Awards Journalists for Fair Reporting

The Algemeiner honored masters of journalism at its fifth annual Summer Benefit on Thursday in New York City. Former editor-in-chief of The New York Sun Seth Lipsky and renowned CBS News correspondent Lara Logan accepted the paper’s Journalist of the Year awards, presented by editor-in-chief Dovid Efune.

Op-Ed: Protect Your Children’s Protectors

A Crown Heights mother expresses concern that too often parents don’t concern themselves with the safety and well-being of teenage girls who babysit their children in this op-ed submitted to CrownHeights.info.

Extremist Protests Against R’ Havlin Gain Momentum

In the continuing battle over haredi recruitment to the IDF, extremist members of the Eda Haredit distributed pamphlets over the weekend calling to renew the daily demonstrations against the Rabbi of Kiryat Gat, Rabbi Moshe Havlin, one of the architects of the agreement between the IDF and Chabad over army enlistment.

Brunoy Yeshiva Shluchim Complete Two Years

The ‘Talmidim Hashluchim’ of the Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brunoy, France, posed outside the Yeshiva building for a group portrait yesterday, 15 Elul – the birthday of Tomchei Temimim, after completing two full years of Shlichus at the Yeshiva. A new group of Shluchim arrived to take their place before they departed, and will serve for the coming two years.