Weekly Story: The Power of a Small L’Chaim

There was no room for questions, the Rebbe said to go and he was going to listen. Distressfully, the Chossid picked up his bags and began trekking back on the same road he had so happily traversed the past few days, just now it was with a heavy heart, instead of the buoyant spirit he had before.

Shluchim of the South Gather in Florida

No Hurricane winds were felt in South Florida on Sunday and Monday, Rosh Chodesh and 2 Elul 5776 (September 4-5, 2016). Rather, the winds of Elul were felt, especially with the power and energy generated by the annual 2 day Southern Regional Kinus Hashluchim, held this year at the newly renovated Chabad of South Broward Headquarters, with its charming Old City of Jerusalem stone decor.