Rosenbaum Family Denounces ‘Festival’ to Mark Riots

As we approach the 25th Yahrtzeit of Yankel Rosenbaum, HYD, who was murdered in cold blood on account of being a Jew during the infamous Crown Heights riots in the summer of 1991, the Rosenbaum family has reacted with shock and indignation that the anniversary of the riots will be marked with a ‘neighborhood festival.’

25 Years Since the Riots: Police Chief Denies Cops Were Told to Stand Down

Lee Brown, who served as NYPD Commissioner under Mayor David Dinkins when the Crown Heights riots broke out exactly 25 years ago, told the NY Daily News in an interview that claims that the police were told to use restraint and “let the protesters vent their anger” are simply not true.

Law Prof.: Rubashkin Jailed Under False Testimony

Sholom Rubashkin, who has already served over 80 months in Federal prison, was punished due to blatantly and provably false testimony – and the prosecution knew that it was false and tried to hide the evidence, writes law professor Ronald Rotunda in the Verdict Law Journal.

500 Shluchim to Gather for Historic Kinus in Russia

Tractors are smoothing out the ground for the many tents that will be set up to host the davening and farbrengens. Hotel rooms were booked, two airplanes chartered, and the catering service is working around the clock cooking up a storm to feed thousands of meals. The printing press is churning out programs, signs, and learning materials. All are getting ready for the historical Kinus that will take place IY”H next week in Moscow, Lubavitch, Liozna and Kazakhstan with over 500 European Rabbis and Shluchim in attendance.