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Duo Armed with Knife Commits Three Robberies

Last night at around 12:20am, Crown Heights Shomrim received a call from a Yeshiva student from Israel who was the victim of an attempted robbery at knifepoint while on his way back to his dormitory. The same duo mugged two others and made off with cash and cell phones.

The incident occurred near the corner of Eastern Parkway and Albany Avenue, right in front of Apple Bank.

The victim said the two perpetrators passed him on the street, and then turned around and began to follow him. As soon as he realized he was being followed, one of the two men ran up to him with a knife and demanded that he hand over all his valuables.

As he reached into his pocket, the perpetrator fumbled with the knife and dropped it on the ground. The victim utilized this opportunity to run into the street and scream for help. An approaching car scared off the perpetrators and they fled.

Since the victim spoke little English, Shomrim assisted the victim in filing a police report. While there, the Shomrim volunteers learned of another two robbery incidents that were likely perpetrated by the same two suspects in the confines of both the 71st Precinct as well as the 77th Precinct.

The second robbery occurred at around 12:45am on Eastern Parkway and Troy, where a Hispanic man was robbed of his cell phone and book bag. The victim was also punched in the face and suffered an eye injury.

The third robbery occurred at around 1:00am on the corner of Park Place and Albany, where a white male was robbed of his iPhone and $200 in cash. This victim did not report any injuries from the incident.

The two suspects in all three incidents used a knife to rob their victims. They are described as African-American males, one in his  teens and the other in his late 20s, one who was wearing a white shirt and dark shorts and the other wearing no shirt and dark pants.

Anyone with further information that may help lead to the suspects in encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Security footage by ShinBet Security – 347-515-4261


  • 1. dont count on them getting arrested any time soon wrote:

    Well… if they used the same knife to cut the Eiruv then they might be behind bars soon otherwise dont count on them getting arrested any time soon….

    • 2. Benkamin wrote:

      They were apprehended less than a week later…. did anytime soon mean less than that?

  • 3. 89w wrote:

    I’m sorry for them, as it is so violating, but I’m glad that there were surveillance cameras.

  • 4. Not a Hate Crime wrote:

    At least it wasn’t a hate crime, as they seem perfectly willing to rob anyone they meet.

    • 5. LOL wrote:

      That’s right, they are very reasonable people. They don’t discriminate against any race, they rob everyone equally.

  • 6. josh wrote:

    nice cameras but i’d expect a new cameras to actually IDENTIFY THE FACES of the suspects not just show them walking

  • 7. To #4 wrote:

    you dont need anything more then what you see on these cameras if it were you on this camera there is no doubt you neighbors/friends would recognize you the problem is the police are not looking for them!!! (or anyone else for that matter)

    • 8. Benkamin wrote:

      They were apprehended 5 days later. Maybe you should not speak on matters that you know nothing about.

  • 9. Ano wrote:

    People in our commUnity need to walk around with legal knives in order to combat this internally. Obviously holding a knife doesn’t work for everyone , and anyone interested and qualified , should be trained and thus we can implement change. I doubt these crimes will get lower unless we take internal measures when it comes to a petty crime like this.

    • 10. Pedant wrote:

      Seriously, that’s the solution?

      We need to defend ourselves with legal knives? And getting into a gang war with gangs. I mean we already wear cool fedoras which is half the battle.

      Do you have any idea what a real knife battle would look like? Or the inside of a cell on Rikers Island.

      Maybe we should just learn ninja so we could throw these cool stars at them and scale the walls and grapple across the parkway before anyone was none the wiser.

      Who doesn’t love ninja.


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