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Weekly Story: ‘I Am a Schneersonki’

The NKVD interrogator continued, “All religious Jews say a blessing, before they eat food, but you place your hand over your yarmulkah, when you recite the blessing. Only a Schneesonki does that!” he thundered.

As California Wildfires Rage, Close Calls for Many

“You see it. You smell it. Anywhere you drive around the city, you see the fire in the mountains,” said Rabbi Choni Marozov, co-director of Chabad of S. Clarita Valley in Southern California with his wife, Frumi. “This was definitely the worst we have seen. There have been other fires similar distances away, but they usually last a day, a day-and-a-half; this one has lasted much longer. Plus, the winds keep changing direction, so it would move away a bit and then come back.”

Rabbi and 90-Year-Old Patient Share a Milestone

Yankees fans were ecstatic. Lefty Gomez and Joe DiMaggio had just helped their team sweep the Cincinnati Reds to win the 1939 World Series. In Newark, N.J., 12 year-old Bill Shank was happily anticipating his forthcoming bar mitzvah. Studying with the cantor at B’nei Abraham Synagogue, he was almost ready for his big day.