Picture of the Day: Tefilin with the Wait Staff

At a Bris in Crown Heights, veteran Sofer Rabbi Moshe Klein, ever on the lookout for a Jew who can be brought closer to Judaism, learned that three of the waiters serving at the event were Jewish, and convinced all three of them to put on Tefilin with him.

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Second-Hand Shop to Help Moscow’s Poor with Dignity

In preparation for the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach, a new center of the “Yad leYad” organization in Moscow opened its doors in a small yet impressive Chanukas HaBayis ceremony. The center includes a spacious “supermarket” with furniture, and thousands of second-hand items of clothing and shoes for the benefit of large families and the needy.

Did You Say the ‘Nasi’ Today? (Hey Nissan)

From the Safer Haminhagim: Every day from Rosh Chodesh Nissan until the twelfth of the month, one reads the passage that describes the offering brought on that day by a particular Nasi, or tribal prince, for the dedication of the altar of the Mishkan. Yehi Ratzon in the Extended Article.

Music Video: Kol Haderech

Mordechai Shapiro, a former Miami Boys Choir standout soloist and current up-and-coming singing sensation, released a music video from his brand new debut album, featuring the hit song and title track “Kol Haderech.”

Mayor Tells Jews to Lay Low; Chabad Won’t Comply

After three firebombs hit the synagogue of Saint-Denis, a poor and heavily Muslim suburb of Paris, municipal authorities advised the local Jewish community to lower its profile. The local Chabad Shluchim have no intention of complying.