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Video: Soul Green

For many people, Tu B’Shvat has become a holiday that is synonymous with planting trees.  What is the spiritual significance of Tu B’shvat and what do we learn from Torah’s specifications about when a tree might be cut down? Join Rabbi Nochum Mangel of Dayton, Ohio, to learn timely lessons from Tu B’Shvat.

The Life and Legacy of Rebbetzin Rivkah

On the heels of Yud Shevat, which is also the yahrzeit of Rebbetzin Rivkah, wife of the Rebbe Maharash, we are honored to present a brief overview of her life, an excerpt from the book Biography of the Rebbe Maharash by Rabbi Sholom Avtzon, which is in the process of being prepared for publication.

An Experiential Yud Shevat

Yud Shevat. A huge day for every Chabad chossid. Teenagers know the historical significance of the day, but how do we get girls that were born after Gimmel Tamuz to feel the significance of the day? How can we bridge the gap between the people who lived with farbrengens and yechidusin and the high school girls of today?