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Deaf, But Not Excluded

A Jewish overnight summer camp may be an experience most Jewish kids have come to expect, but it was with the opening last summer of a program created for deaf Jewish children–the only such program in the world–that they too, will have the same benefit. Now two Israeli deaf children will also get to join, promising to make summer 2015 the experience of a lifetime for them.

Palestinian Terrorist Stabs 12 on Tel Aviv Bus

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed twelve passengers on a Tel Aviv bus this morning, Wednesday. The 23-year-old man from the West Bank city of Tulkarem was later shot in the leg by police after he got off the bus. He is under arrest and is being questioned.

Impromptu Chavrusas Celebrate Milestone

It happened on Shabbas Yud Shevat, 2008, in the main Shul of 770 Eastern Parkway. Rabbi Yosef Katzman was talking with a friend and noticed a new face in the crowd. Rabbi Katzman introduced himself and Gershon Felberbaum from Monsey replied with a warm handshake. After a few brief words, Rabbi Katzman asked Gershon if he wanted to learn Chassidus together.