Amazing Mivtzoim Encounter Captured on Video

“Are you Jewish by any chance? Do you want to hear the Shofar?” New York based filmmaker Joshua Wolff laments that he could not walk around this time of year without ‘being accosted’ with those questions. He did not want to stop and hear Shofar, so what did a Lubavitcher Bochur do? It was all captured in an amazing clip!

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Chabad Opens ‘Lehrhaus’ at Cambridge

Cambridge, England, home to one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, has for centuries provided students with access to some of the best opportunities for learning and growth. With the opening this year of The Lehrhaus (‘House of Learning’) Center, Chabad House of Cambridge’s newest development, Cambridge students will now have the equivalent in the Jewish tradition.

Tel Aviv Shliach: Israeli Jews Are Assimilating

In an address to hundreds of senior officials at the Education Ministry in Jerusalem, including Education Minister Shai Piron and the Director General of the Ministry, Rabbi Yoseph Gerlitzky, the head Shliach to Tel Aviv-Yaffo and Chief Rabbi of Central Tel Aviv, bemoaned the education system in Israel, saying that “the existence of the State of Israel alone is not the solution to assimilation. Only an authentic Jewish education instilled with Jewish pride can stem the tide of assimilation.”