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Op-Ed: Americanized Judasim Takes a Stab at Kotel Sanctity

by Aliza Bas Menachem

Musician Moshe Yess was best known for his hit song My Zaidie. But Moshe has a treasure-chest full of songs. In his repertoire are songs he wrote and sang for children. I mention him now because his words are so appropriate to address my topic. To the Women of the Wall, I present an excerpt from one of Moshe Yess’ cherished children’s tunes with an adult message:

A Small Program from a Small City Reaches Distant Locations

The Torah teaches, that words and gestures that come from the heart, enter the hearts of others and will grow and thrive. With this thought in mind connections have been taking place on desktop computers from home, laptops from local coffee shops and even cell phones in busy airports. A small program that began in a small city has now grown and flourished, with branches throughout many Chabad Centers across North America.

Over These Do I Cry: Reflections on Tishah B’av

by Rabbi Yoseph Kahanov Jax, FL

The designation of a day to commemorate a given event or segment of society, is a common occurrence among the world’s various nationalities and cultures. Americans, for example, celebrate Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, Presidents Day and a host of other special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and even Secretary’s day.

Here’s My Story: The Vanishing Loan

by Rabbi Yitzchok Sufrin

When I was thirteen years of age, I was doubly orphaned. My mother had passed away when I was a child, and then, when I was almost fourteen years old, I lost my father as well. I had to move into yeshiva full-time, as I had no other place to go.