Video: The Moshe News – Episode 3

In this weeks episode of the Moshe News, talking about how historical artifacts reveal 2500 year old conversation, the world’s fastest bullet train, and “NY Daily News” makes an interesting choice for its picture of the year.

Chof Daled Teves in Cheder Menachem

The direction was clear for all to see – this path leads to Mezritch. Although the children walking down the pathway come from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, these young shluchim, students at Cheder Menachem – Tzeirei HaShluchim of Central Jersey – know the direction they are headed.

Photos: Women

The women of the Beis Medrash Women’s Circle gathered this Motzai Shabbos for their first annual Melava Malka, marking a year full of Shiurim, get-togethers and events. The event featured a lavish milchig buffet, speakers and the music of talented speaker and songwriter Sara Hecht.

Video: Daled Bavos in Haditch

In Haditch, a young boy plays the Daled Bavos on his violin this Motzai Shabbos in close proximity to the Tziyon of the Alter Rebbe.