Redeeming the Firstborn… Donkey!… in Kauai, Hawaii!

Richard Seigel is a retired ship captain from Alaska, who now lives on Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Island. When he is not attending to his Etrog orchard – one of his favorite pastimes – he is busy with his pet baby-donkey.

Op-Ed: The Season of Freedom

by Yochanan Gordon

Left to Right: Ilan Grapel, Gilad Shalit and Jonathan Pollard

Each holiday season ushers in its own particular sentiment or experience of the joyousness of that specific juncture in time. Having just concluded the holiday of Sukkos, we recall numerous recitations of “the season of our joy” spanning eight celebratory days, including Shemini Atzeres (plus another day of Simchas Torah outside of Israel). So it would seem more appropriate to address the joy that we experienced over the holiday and reserve the topic of freedom for a later date, perhaps nearer to Pesach, which deals with the Exodus of the Jews from Egyptian bondage.

Video: Dancing Lubavitchers in Union Square

This video appeared on YouTube on a channel titled “Piano Across America.” The man who uploaded the video (apparently the pianist) wrote, “Definitely one of the highlights of playing at Union Square. I met one of those guys in San Francisco and he came up to me and said hello. I decided to play Hava Nagila and we all came together in celebration of the holiday Sukkot.”

Israeli Scientists Breed Featherless Chicken

Voice of Russia

Israeli scientists have bred a featherless chicken. Although featherless chickens look quite terrifying, poultry farm owners in many countries have shown keen interest in the birds because they will not need to be plucked.

Chabad Opens Jewish School in Lenin’s Birthplace

Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yossi Marozov gives students of the “School of Dreams” their first lesson in Jewish holidays during the institution’s grand opening celebration in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Excitement filled the air as approximately 60 enthusiastic children, parents, grandparents and teachers celebrated the grand opening of the first Jewish childhood education center in Vladimir Lenin’s birthplace of Ulyanovsk, Russia.