Sacramento Rabbi Releases Scholarly Examination of Medieval Debates

Rabbi Mendy Cohen, right, learns with a community member in Sacramento, Calif. Photo: Ernie Amos

Rabbi Mendy Cohen, a Sacramento Jewish leader who spends most of his day assisting the local community as co-director of the Chabad-Lubavitch center in the California capital, has written a new book analyzing the philosophical underpinnings to Maimonides’ landmark code of Jewish law and the critical gloss authored by Rabbi Abraham ben David, the 12th-century French commentator better known by his acronymic, the Raavad.

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‘Kosher Fresh Diet’ Launches Plan in Northeast

The OU Certified Kosher Fresh Diet At-Home Meal Plan Expands Delivery Route

Brooklyn, NY — Kosher Fresh Diet, a complementary Kosher meal plan stemming from the creators of The Fresh Diet, America’s premier at-home meal delivery company, is happy to announce today that the Kosher Fresh Diet has opened its doors for delivery in the Northeast corridor.

Video: When a ‘Tomim’ walks in the Street

In this week’s “Opening the week with the Rebbe”: At a Farbrengen on the 13 of Tammuz, 5715, the Rebbe speaks about ‘Merkos Shlichus’ which was initiated by his father-in-law – the Friediker Rebbe. During the Sicha the Rabbe’s told the famous story of a Tomim walking in the street of Boston with a beard and Tzitzis and not knowing the effect he had a non observant Jew who happened to see him from a window nearby.

Video: Starbucks Rabbi

A Lubavitcher chossid appears in this Starbucks commercial, can you identify him?

A Life of Mesiras Nefesh: Rabbi Zalman Kazen, 92

Rabbi Zalman Kazen with his family. (his mother-in-law “bubbe” Maryasha Garelik OBM sits to the left.)

Rabbi Zalman Kazen, patriarch of a well known Chabad family, passed away Sunday at the age of 92. Rabbi Kazen, a Chabad disciple of the sixth Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, and later of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, served as rabbi of the Tzemach Tzedek shul in Cleveland, Ohio.