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Video: When a ‘Tomim’ walks in the Street

In this week’s “Opening the week with the Rebbe”: At a Farbrengen on the 13 of Tammuz, 5715, the Rebbe speaks about ‘Merkos Shlichus’ which was initiated by his father-in-law – the Friediker Rebbe. During the Sicha the Rabbe’s told the famous story of a Tomim walking in the street of Boston with a beard and Tzitzis and not knowing the effect he had a non observant Jew who happened to see him from a window nearby.

From the weekly video magazine – ‘Living Torah’. Courtesy of JEM.


  • 1. CR wrote:

    Just a small correction, the story related by the Rebbe takes place in an unnamed town in the USA. The bochur in question was referred to as a “Bostonian” because his speech elocution showed the highest level of linguistic and rhetorical training, usually associated with the finest educational institutions in New England. However, the Rebbe points out that his “fine education” came from somewhere else…

    In listening to the clip it is not clear that the bochur in question had anything to actually do with Boston. Perhaps someone more familiar with the actual events being discussed can elucidate.

  • 2. wow! wrote:

    I never heard this in the rebbes words! thank you CHinfo for putting it up!


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