Matusof Family Marks Shloshim

On Monday night Rosh Chodesh Kislev, Crown Heights held a special Farbrengen conducted by rabbis and Shluchim from the Matusof family, a meal in honor of the Sheloshim of their mother’s Rebitizin, Pesya Matusof OBM.

Video: MBD Featured on News – Vintage

When religious Singers were more of a novelty WB11 News produced a special report about Mordechai Ben David dated in the early ’90s.

Op-Ed: Why Donors Like Chabad

By Dovid Efune

This past weekend saw two mammoth Jewish gatherings take place. The first was the General Assembly for the Jewish Federations of North America, and the other was the International Convention of Chabad Emissaries. Whilst both are awe inspiring in their grandeur and both are focused on Jewish continuity, the Chabad movement continues to rapidly grow at a spanking pace and the Federations appear to be largely stagnant.

Ten Minute Video Class – Fascinating Insights on the Parsha!

We are pleased to present our twenty-third online class in the “Torah in Ten” series, presented by the editor-in-chief of Kol Menachem, Rabbi Chaim Miller.

ABC7 Spotlights CHI Story on Bogus Summonses

There are more troubling questions about what critics say is the NYPD’s obsession with ticket and arrest quotas.

It is 10 p.m. on a Sunday and Yosef Bergovoy is standing on a sidewalk talking to his friends. In a moment, these three college students became suspects of a criminal misdemeanor.