Hasids vs. Hipsters: A Williamsburg Story

By Bari Weiss for the Wall Street Journal

In Brooklyn, a gentle clash over unkosher food and bike lanes.

WILLIAMSBURG — Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is home to two of New York’s most devout, and sometimes conflicting, religious sects. Inhabiting the South section of the neighborhood are the Hasidim. Often referred to as simply the Satmars, the name of their particular religious sect (which began in Hungary), they represent one of the largest communities of ultra-Orthodox Jews in New York. Their modest dress—black pants, white shirts, fur streimel hats even in the summer—is straight out of 18th-century Eastern Europe. The men keep sidecurls, the women cover their hair, and everybody prays. Yiddish is spoken; knishes are eaten.

Toyota Recalls Sienna Minivans

By Bernard Simon for the Financial Times

Toyota has recalled another 870,000 vehicles in North America, this time over concerns that spare tyres could fall onto the road due to a corroding cable.

While vehicle recalls are commonplace and affect all carmakers, Toyota is under intense scrutiny in the wake of a series of damaging incidents involving sticky accelerator pedals, out-of-place floor-mats and erratic braking systems.

Mazal Tov! – 3 Sunday L’Chaims!

Boruch Hecht (ben R Yisroel, Los Angeles, CA) and Mooka Naparstek (bas R Shmulik, Agoura Hills, CA)
IYH at Ohel Nosson, 580 Crown St [between Albany and Troy Ave]

Damoon (Rachamim) Nikaiyin (Torrance, CA) and Miriam Levy – Chaim (Crown Heights)
IYH at FREE, 1383 President St [between Kingston and Brooklyn Ave]

Levi Popack (Crown Heights) and Shterni Lezell (Crown Heights)
IYH 5:30 to 7:30pm at 1365 Carroll St [between Kingston and Albany Ave]

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