Chabad Hosting First Shabbat Meals in Mumbai Since Terror Attacks

By Tamar Runyan

The Mumbai Chabad House and Rabbi Dov Goldberg inset

MUMBAI, India — Two weeks after the sudden passing of two of its emissaries in one of India’s worst terror attacks, Chabad-Lubavitch organized a Shabbat gathering for visiting Jewish travelers at a local hotel in Mumbai.

On Friday night, Rabbi Dov Goldberg – interim director of the Mumbai Chabad House after the tragic death of his friends, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg – will welcome tens of people for an evening meal replete with Torah discussions and the singing of Chasidic melodies. Prayer services will take place at a local synagogue; lunch will be served the next day.

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Father & Son Learning Program – Every Motzai Shabbos!

There will be father and son learning programs every Motzai Shabbos, 7:00 – 8:00pm, for children of grades 2 and up. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring your own Seforim.

Program Locations:
Agudah Shul, 456 Crown St, [between Kingston and Brooklyn Ave].
Congregation 935, 935 Eastern Parkway [between Albany and Troy Ave].
Bais Eliyahu Nochum Shul, 672 Lefferts Ave, [between Albany and Troy Ave].
Empire Shteibel, 489 Empire Blvd, [between Brooklyn and New York Ave].
Frankel Shul, 1699 President St, [between Utica and Rochester Ave].

A project of the Igud Menahalei Hayeshivos of Crown Heights and Avos Ubonim International.

Menorah Lighting Ceremony Planned in Loveland

Douglas Crowl – The Loveland Connection

Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik speaks to the assembled crowd in 2007. Gorelik will host a menorah lighting ceremony at 4 p.m. Dec. 21 in Loveland. The event may be Loveland’s first public menorah ceremony. (Loveland Connection library)

LOVELAND, CO — The city of Loveland might be making holiday history this year.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik will host possibly Loveland’s first public menorah lighting ceremony, and he’s praising the city’s openness to the event.

New Chanukah DVD from JEM for Distribution

BROOKLYN, NY [CHI] — JEM is pleased to announce the release of a new Chanukah DVD, featuring twelve segments including Sichos, personal encounters with the Rebbe, songs, and Chanukah moments, all focusing on the theme of Chanukah.

This Chanukah, you have the perfect way to share the Rebbe’s words and inspiration with your community and friends.

The Rebbe Pointed At Me: Here Is G-D

The following is a part two of the encounter that took place in the front of 770 where a group of Bachurim (yeshiva students) saw a young man in long hair and boots approach the Rebbe, who waved his finger around and then pointed at this man’s chest. What happened there? What did the Rebbe say? The encounter is retold by the former “young man” himself. Note The picture of the Rebbe is a First time released picture, to learn more about the Rebbe Visit:

The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Vayishlach

The Rebbe says:

1. In this week’s Torah portion Hashem (G-d) tells Yakov Avinu (Jacob our Forefather) that his name would no longer be called “Yakov” (Jacob), it would now be called “Yisroel” (Israel).

2. As the preface to a question, the Rebbe now quotes the Talmud which discusses this verse:

The Talmud tells us that whoever calls our Forefather Avraham “Avram” (which was his original name), transgresses on the verse, “And your name shall no longer be called ‘Avram’; it shall henceforth be called ‘Avraham’ ”.

A Home at Chabad

Yonat Shimron – News Observer

Rabbi Pinchas Herman listens to Rabbi Zalman Bluming reflect on his time with the Chabad House of Mumbai during a community memorial.

RALEIGH, NC — Like medics, firefighters or police officers, Rabbis Aaron and Pinchas Herman can be considered first responders. When a Jew needs immediate assistance, people turn to them.

Last week, Aaron Herman helped a company in Research Triangle Park find kosher meals for two Orthodox Jewish financial analysts who had flown in for a two-day visit.