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The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Vayeira!

The Rebbe says:

1. This week’s Torah portion tells us about how Avraham Avinu (Abraham our forefather) was the first and only Jew in this world and the whole world was against him . However once the people saw how Hashem (G-d) was with Avraham Avinu in all that he did and protected him from any harm, even Avimelech King of the Philistines wanted to make a covenant of peace with Avraham Avinu .

Towards the end of the Torah’s description of Avraham Avinu’s life in the land of the Philistines the Torah tells us that Avraham Avinu planted an “Eishel – (simply translated as) a tree” there , he publicized G-dliness and faith there , and he lived there for many days. Immediately after this the Torah begins discussing the Akeida (the Binding of Isaac) .

2. The Rebbe now questions the Torah’s narration of this story with the intention of uncovering the Torah’s deep messages:

Aron Rubashkin, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky on the “Forward 50”

BROOKLYN, NY [CHI] — Presidential elections, politics and the immigration raid at Agriprocessors in Postville led to Reb Aron Rubashkin along with Rabbi Menachem Genack to be added to the list of the Forwards 50 most influential jews this past year. Also on the list is Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky for his dedication to outreach as the vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch.

Excerpts from the list in the Extended Article!

King of Bahrain Extends Jewish Communal Welcome During State Visit

Joshua Runyan –

King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa of Bahrain, left, extended a personal invitation to Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Levi Shemtov during a visit to New York.

NEW YORK, NY — Following his call to open Bahrain to the return of its native Jewish population, a delegation of 50 Bahraini Jews who live across the United States stood for a blessing on King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa. Leading the traditional blessing, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Levi Shemtov, the Washington, D.C., director of American Friends of Lubavitch, thanked G-d for “bestowing a part of His glory” on an earthly monarch.

The Weekly Sedra – Vayera – A Foot In Each World – Sitting On The Fence Syndrome

by Rabbi Yoseph Kahanov Shliach to Jacksonville, FL

Sitting on a fence is a man who sees no sense in fighting
Sitting on a fence is a man who sees no sense at all
Sitting on a fence is a man who strokes his twenty beards
Sitting on a fence is a man who drinks real ale
But the real problem with this man
Is he says he can’t when he can
He’d rather not get his hands dirty
He’ll still be there when he’s thirty
I told myself to keep my mouth shut
But I still end up saying if and but
I lied to myself right from the start
And I’ve just worked out that I’m falling apart
Sitting on a fence is a man who looks up to his guardian
Sitting on a fence is a man who swings from poll to poll
Sitting on a fence is a man who sees both sides of both sides
Sitting on a fence is a man who looks down on opinion
But the real problem with this man . . .

(Song by Housemartins) How long will you vacillate between two opinions – 1 Kings 18, 21

Shliach Attacked in Vladivostok


Chief Rabbi Yisroel Silberstein, during a dinner last year Chanukka

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia — Primorye Chief Rabbi, U.S. citizen Yisroel Silberstein was attacked on a central street of Vladivostok, a source in the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities told Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

Video of the Day! – G-d Believes in Israel!

This weeks Living Torah, titled “G-d Believes in Israel” (Volume 55, Episode 218)

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