Who was 770’s first Official Photographer?

In the later years, photographers snapping shots of the Rebbe became a routine fixture in 770. In fact, there was initially much opposition to the practice, as related below. Yitzchak Berez, the first individual to regularly photograph the Rebbe, was born in Poland, and then made aliya (Emigrated) to Israel in 1947. His photographs are well known, with a portfolio including a famous photograph of Ben Gurion announcing the founding of the State of Israel, and several photos of the Adolf Eichmann trial. It’s an excerpt from the new book on the Rebbe “The Rebbe Inspiring a Generation”, www.inspiringageneration.com

Mr. Berez relates:

“In 1971, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky invited my son and me to a farbrengen (Chassidic gathering) with the Rebbe in 770. When I arrived at 770, the room was filled to capacity with hundreds of Chassidim, waiting for the Rebbe to arrive. One of the Chassidim told me that the Rebbe normally entered the shul from the door located at the rear of the room. I immediately proceeded there to wait for the Rebbe.

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Special-Needs Program to Rent City School Building for $1 a Year

Simone Sebastian – The Columbus Dispatch

COLUMBUS, OH — Columbus schools will rent a vacant school building to an outside program for special-needs children for a rock-bottom price — $1 a year.

During its meeting tonight, the Columbus school board unanimously approved the deal to lease Kent Elementary, which was closed in 2005, to LifeTown, a program run by the Schottenstein Chabad House at Ohio State University.

Rabbi Tal Ginter Released from Prison

POSTVILLE, IA [CHI] — Yesterdays release of R. Tal Ginter, a Shochet and Menaker in Agriprocessors, prompted great Simcha in the small town of Postville. After 5 weeks and 1 day Tal was released yesterday evening after the Immigration Service admitted a mistake on their behalf and canceled the deportation order.

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Iowa Jewish Community Mounts Flood Relief Effort

By Joshua Runyan – Chabad.org

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Iowa, unloads produce contributed by a local company to help feel flood victims.

Spared the worst of the most destructive flooding to hit Iowa in 15 years, the state’s Jewish community joined the largest recovery effort to take shape since 1993.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes – Avinoam Israel OBM

It is with great pain and sadness we inform you of the very sudden, shocking and untimely passing of Avinoam Israel at the young age of 20. Avinoam passed away at 2 pm on June 16.

Avinoam studied in Yeshiva High School of Tucson. He leaves behind his parents, Dr. Reuven Israel and Alexandra Goldberg, brother Elisha Israel and sister Orian Kupchin (Las Vegas, NV).

The mother Alexandra Goldberg & Orian Kupchin (sister) will be sitting Shivah in Oak Park, MI at 15031 Kenton.

The father Dr. Reuven Israel will be sitting Shiva in Ann Arbor, MI at 1501 Shadford Rd.
7:30am Shacharis, 9:00pm Mincha.

Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.