Edible Arts and Food Crafts Excitement in Brooklyn!

The Jewish Press

BROOKLYN, NY — To expand upon the trend of cooking and eating healthy, beautiful and exciting presentation of fruit and vegetables has become an essential ingredient in party-making and entertaining. In response to public interest, several great fruit and vegetable garnishing instructional events are on the calendar in Brooklyn. Now, party-planners, caterers, balabustas, and creative types (and, yes, men included) take world-class garnishing training right here.

The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Bo – A Royal Mockery

Rabbi Yoseph Kahanov Shliach to Jacksonville, FL

While crossing an old rickety bridge the elderly pedestrian started having second thoughts. As the planks crackled and flexed under his weight, he began to pray for mercy: “Dear G-d, if only I will make it across the span I shall award 50% of my net worth to charity, for, what good are my possessions if I’m to lose my life!”

As if in direct response to his prayer the dilapidated bridge suddenly felt more stable and secure. “Oh merciful Lord, I have now but half way to go, keep me safe and I will surely distribute 40% of my wealth to the poor and indigent!” cried the man.

And so it went, the closer he got to the other side the smaller the offering became. From 40% it became 30, then 20, then10. As the ramp on the other side came into clear view the now confident walker boldly declared: “Father in heaven, I think I can really do this on my own. You surely won’t mind if I cancel the deal.”

Before he could finish his words, he was knocked off his feet by a sudden quake; the bridge was actually collapsing beneath his feet. “Come on G-d, where is your sense of humor? You know I was only joking”!