The Rebbe, “The Nature of American Jewish Students”

Rabbi Avraham Levitansky OBM with a group of students on the west coast in the mid-1960’s. Illustration photo.

..However here in the United States we have a different audience and a youth which radically differs from the type whom Rabbi Hirsch had addressed originally…” -The Rebbe

The following is a very unique letter of the Rebbe. From the year 1962 to a Professor at Yeshiva University, in which the Rebbe explains the nature of today’s American Jewish youth and why they can’t relate to Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch’s (“The Father of Modern German Orthodoxy”) approach to Judaism of “Torah v’Derech Eretz” .

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“I must touch upon another, and even more delicate, matter concerning the teachings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch whom you mentioned in your letter. There has been a tendency lately to apply his approach in totality, here and now In U.S. America While it is understandable that the direct descendents of Rabbi Hirsch or those who were brought up in that philosophy should want to disseminate his teachings.

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Have Prayers and Packers, too

by Bill Glauber – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nathan Stern (left) works the grill as Rabbi Shais Taub (right) leads Orthodox Jews in morning prayers Sunday near Green Bay’s Lambeau Field. (Photo/Mark Hoffman)

GREEN BAY, WI — If you’re going to have a kosher tailgate at Lambeau Field, you might as well go all the way.

That means you light up the coals of the kosher grill and bring out the kosher hot dogs, beef, chicken and brats.

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Jewish Center Wins OK from City

by Erica Noonan – The Boston Globe

NEWTON, MA — A fast-growing Orthodox Jewish community that has battled the city for nearly five years scored a major victory last week, defeating the last municipal obstacle to building a 12,000-square-foot synagogue in a residential neighborhood in Newton Highlands.

By a vote of 19 to 3, the Board of Aldermen approved Beth Menachem Chabad’s plan to provide just nine parking spaces alongside its new center at 349 Dedham St., at least 60 fewer spaces than zoning rules would generally require.