Important Lag BaOmer Parade Announcement

The following is a letter sent by parade organizers to all the families in Crown Heights and and explains the changes made to the parade setup:

By the Grace of G-d

15 Iyar, 5767

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Parents,

As you may be aware, the Parade Committee has encountered various challenges in their efforts to secure permits for this year’s parade. The reason for this is because the Police Dept. felt that, based on the statistics and pictures from the last parade (5764), we did not attract a crowd large enough to justify blocking traffic on a major artery such as Eastern Parkway.

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Oholei Torah Chai

Accident on Montgomery and Brooklyn

Today, Friday at about 2 in the afternoon, a black Scion crashed into a white Ford on the corner of Montgomery St and Brooklyn ave. The driver of the white Ford Escort, an older woman from the community, was driving down Montgomery St, coming from New York Ave and crossing over the intersection with Brooklyn Ave without stopping for the red light, as a witness observed.

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Tanya Makup Artist

Hit n Run on Lefferts and Brooklyn

Crown Heights, Brooklyn –- Yesterday, Thursday at around 4:10 in the afternoon, a woman driving was rear ended by another vehicle. The incident took place on Lefferts Ave between New York and Brooklyn in front of Bais Rivkah, the woman slowed her minivan and was rear ended by another minivan.

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Stanford University Celebrates Opening of New Rohr Chabad House

Rebecca Rosenthal –
Tad Taube, President of the Koret Foundation, speaks at the dedication of the new Rohr Chabad House on campus. (Photo: Steve Maller)

Palo Alto, CA — When he first met Rabbi Dov and Rachel Greenberg, Amichai Magen doubted that he, a self-described “Yitzchak Rabin Fulbright Scholar who grew up in the secular, Zionist heartland, would have much to do with the Chabad.”

The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Emor – Tailor Made?

Rabbi Yossi Kahanov Shliach to Jacksonville, FL

The story is told of an elderly woman – an expert embroiderer – who approached a prominent Rabbi, with a magnificent mantel (Torah cover) that she produced for their Synagogue’s new Torah Scroll. Enamored by the beauty of the rich velvet and colorful embroidery, the Rabbi immediately rushed to the ark, removed the Torah and placed the mantel over it.
As they shared a moment of delight adoring the lovely new cover, the Rabbi, to everyone’s disappointment, noticed that the new cover was several inches shorter than the scroll.
Thanking the woman for her sincere thoughtfulness and effort, the Rabbi gently explained that although it was a true masterpiece it would not work, since it was too short.
“Rabbi,” exclaimed the woman, “I don’t understand, considering the quality and workmanship of this piece of art, couldn’t we just trim off a few inches from the bottom of the Torah scroll to make it fit?”
“I’m sorry,” said the Rabbi, “In this shul we don’t tailor the Torah to fit the Mantel!”

Picture of the Day – 1984 Permits for the Parade!

In 1984 (23 years ago) parade organizers applied for a permit from the 71st Precinct to shut down Empire Boulevard from Brooklyn Avenue all the way down to Troy Avenue and a stated attendance of 5000 people. Needless to say that the application was approved by none other then our Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, who at the time served as the Deputy Inspector in command of our 71st Precinct.

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Con Ed pays ’em to sit on grates

NY Daily News

Livery drivers making a bundle to guard dangerous city hot spots

Cabbie Zafrul Islam holds letter
explaining why he’s guarding a
manhole in Brooklyn.

Con Edison has come up with a bizarre way to protect the public from stray-voltage hot spots throughout the city – it’s hiring livery cab drivers to guard them until crews can fix the problem.

The dark cars and their drivers sit next to a roped-off area around the clock for days, with a placard explaining their mission.

“A stray voltage hazard was discovered here,” the card says. “The coned/taped off area contains an extremely dangerous electrified object or structure.