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Accident on Montgomery and Brooklyn

Today, Friday at about 2 in the afternoon, a black Scion crashed into a white Ford on the corner of Montgomery St and Brooklyn ave. The driver of the white Ford Escort, an older woman from the community, was driving down Montgomery St, coming from New York Ave and crossing over the intersection with Brooklyn Ave without stopping for the red light, as a witness observed.

More in the Extended Article.

The black Scion also driven my a member of the community, was driving down Brooklyn Ave and hit the white Ford as she was taking the light.

Hatzalah responded with numerous units and two ambulances. BH there weren’t any major injuries, both drivers were taken by Hatzalah to Kings County Hospital for observation..


  • 1. ch wrote:

    she took a red light? from now on, ppl in ch should stop by green

  • 4. anonymous wrote:

    i know both of the drivers.
    the one in the white car did NOT take a red light!!! i know her personally and both drivers told me the story!!!
    please correct it.

  • 5. a upset reader wrote:

    i can affirm what annoynmous said. the white ford did not take a red light
    please get your facts striaght


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