Crown Heights: 1927 to 2006


An amazing view into what Crown Heights looked like then and now. Intersection of Empire Blvd. and Kingston Ave. Photo from the Sholom Ber Goldstien Archives, Photo by E.E. Rutter courtesy:


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Another Elevator Mugging on Empire Blvd.

441 Empire Blvd.

At around 4:00 this afternoon a woman was held up in an elevator, the incident took place inside 441 Empire Blvd. The woman who hardly speaks English, was in the elevator with a stroller and four children, along with a black male. The black male demanded that the woman give him her money, threatening that if not he will hurt her children. The woman looked at him not understanding what he wanted. The mugger then getting frustrated just stuck his hands into her purse and grabbed stuff including money and ran.

Police were called, but bystanders who know the woman called Shomrim to come and help the woman with the report. Shomrim members then canvassed the area in search for the Mugger, but couldn’t locate him. The woman was then taken to the Precinct to look at mug shots to see if she can identify the mugger.

It’s important that residents should know that this is a problem riddled building with numerous incidents related to it, starting with the stone that was thrown at a car, to the member of Anash that was walking past pushing a stroller with his child when a stone came out one of the windows and B”H had just missed him, and this isn’t the first time such an incident had taken place in an elevator Click Here for that story.

U-Turn On Empire Blvd Causes Accident And 2 Injuries

At around 12:15 this afternoon, a Jewish woman attempted to make a U-Turn on Empire Blvd between Albany Ave and Troy Ave, didn’t notice an oncoming car and struck it. The woman didn’t sustain any injuries but 2 passengers of the other car, a non-jewish woman and a 6 year old child, both complained of pains and were taken by EMS to Kings County Hospital where they were listed in stable condition.

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As Popularity of Mikvah Use Grows, So Do Standards

Rivka Chaya Berman –
Members of the mikvah supervisory board at the new mikvah in the East Hampton

Of the 200 mikvahs in the United States, 90 exist under the auspices of Chabad Lubavitch centers. With another ten Chabad mikvahs to break ground within the next twelve months, Chabad’s stake in maintaining the ritual central to Jewish family life, already monumental, is growing. In response, the Central Committee of Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis created a Mikvah Board to supervise mikvah construction and maintenance.

CH Hatzalah Raffle Campaign Is Underway! Grand Prize $18,000

Crown Heights Hatzalah will be hosting their annual fundraising Raffle on June 19, 2006 – 23 Sivan 5766 beginning at 8:00 pm – Lubavitch Yeshiva, 570 Crown St . It is the most important fund raising event of the year for our community and we urge all members of Anash to support this indispensable service.

The drawing will take place in conjunction with a special free symposium on preventative health care titled “Heart to Heart Talk….Early Detection”. Guest Speakers will include:

Joshua Kerstein M.D. Associate Director of Clinical Cardiology
Robert Frankel M.D. Associate Director of Interventional Cardiology
Stephen J. Lahey M.D. Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center

White House Chief of Staff at the American Friends of Lubavitch Dinner
(L-R) R. Levi Shemtov, Michael Chertoff Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Josh Bolten White House Chief of Staff and R. Avremel Shemtov.

The Chabad annual dinner in Washington was characterized by unanimous support of both political parties, manifested by the presence of House Democratic Whip, Steny Hoyer, who praised his rival, Republican Whip, Roy Blunt. What everyone agreed upon is that Rabbi Levi Shemtov “is a blessing to all”. Among the participants of the dinner were the Jewish Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, the generous advocate Jay Krupin and Josh Bolten, White House Chief of Staff, who had just arrived from a meal with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his wife.

Also present were Fred Zeidman, chairman of the Holocaust Museum of the Bush Administration and a close associate of President Bush, Jewish Attorney Steven Pearls a specialist in claims against terror organizations, who stated that payments for his services “come out of the wallets of the bad guys”, Howard Freedman, president of the powerful pro Israel AIPAC organization, Senator and U.S. presidential candidate, Joe Lieberman, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition Matt Brooks and other dignitaries.

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Shabbos Achdus In Monsey

the Melave Malka

This past Shabbos Bochurim from Yeshivas Morristown, Ohlei Torah and Lubavitch Yeshiva got together to spend a Shabbos Achdus in Monsey NY. The bochurim farbrenged in the Larkin and Werner homes where they stayed.

Man shot and dragged by car

At 2pm Sunday afternoon shots rang out on Sterling Place and Brooklyn Ave. Witnesses saw 24 year old black male being shot at least 3 times, with one bullet striking his leg, he then dove out of the way and underneath a moving car which dragged him a half a block to St. Johns place and Brooklyn Ave. FDNY and NYPD responded, extracted him from underneath the vehicle and transported him to Kings County Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Bochur Struck by Car

On Thursday afternoon a bochur was struck by a car while on the way home from Prospect Park riding his bike. The car, which was driving on Eastern Parkway made a right turn into Franklin Ave striking the bochur and sending him flying off his bike. Bystander’s who witnessed the incident called 911, who responded immediately with EMS and took him to Kings County Hospital.

The bochur sustained injuries to his face, head and bruises all over his body, the doctors had him stay at the hospital for observation for extended period of time.

Rabbi Lider of Ahavas Chesed was present at the hospital when the bochur arrived, and made preparations for his stay, which included getting a place ready for Shabbos. has learned that the bochur was to be released Sunday, and is expected to make a full recovery.