J.P. Morgan Dined here

New York Post

State tax agents have shuttered the 14 Wall Street restaurant in the 31st-floor penthouse of 14 Wall St., the land-marked, 1 million-square-foot office tower that Shaya Boymelgreen and his partners bought last year for $215 million. And nobody’s happier than Boymelgreen.

A spokesman for the state Department of Taxation and Finance said it “seized and padlocked” the restaurant on March 13 over $511,546.33 in unpaid sales and withholding taxes. “They put chains on it,” said a beaming Boymelgreen, who added that the restaurant hadn’t been paying rent, either.

The abrupt closing of the eatery in what was once J.P. Morgan’s private dining room gives Boymelgreen and his partners, Africa-Israel Investments, the chance to “create a very special restaurant” in an 8,000-square-foot aerie boasting what the Zagat Survey calls “astounding” harbor views.

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Tefilin Bank Opens New Website

Since its establishment, The Kushner International Tefillin Bank has been met by exponential growth. Numbers speak for themselves, and in just a few short months The Tefillin Bank has distributed almost 3,600 pairs of tefillin, to newfound daily users around the world! Remarkably, the far reaching affects of this campaign, have extended even to volatile places like Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to peaceful towns in the Midwestern United States.

“The Tefillin Bank has directly impacted the lives of almost 3,600 people” said Motti Seligson, Coordinator of The Tefillin Bank, “The large influx of correspondence, expressing gratitude for not only the tefillin themselves, but the ripple effect it generates, has been incredible.”

President Bush Announces Joshua Bolten As White House Chief Of Staff

Josh Bolten with a group of Shluchim This Past Chanuka

Earlier today, President Bush announced the resignation of Andy Card as White House Chief of Staff and nominated current Office of Management and Budget Director Joshua Bolten as Card’s successor. Bolten will be the second Jewish Chief of Staff following Ken Duberstein, who served as President Reagan’s Chief of Staff from 1988 to 1989.

Bolten is widely experienced in Washington, both on Capitol Hill as well as at the White House, where he was deputy chief of staff before becoming director of the Office of Management and Budget and President Bush was glad he agreed to replace Andy Card who just resigned from this position.

Bolton, whose father was employed in the CIA is a friend of Chabad, who participates regularly in Chabad events and took parts in Chanukah lighting events and more recently in megillah reading arranged by Chabad in the White House. The shliach to Washington, Rabbi Levi Shemtov, believes he is a perfect choice, being a wonderful person, modest and always willing to learn and understand.

For a complete transcript of today’s announcement, click the Extended Article.

And The Fires Just Dont Stop Burning!

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Firefighters battled a heavy fire on the top floor of a four-story apartment building in Brooklyn Tuesday morning.

The three-alarm fire at 1299 Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights section was reported at 7:52 a.m., said Fire Department spokesman David Billig.

“There’s a very heavy volume of fire on the top floor,” said Billig.

Matzo lesson anything but flat at Jewish center

Rochestor Democrat and Chronicle
Rabbi Nechemia Vogel teaches Hillel School pupils how to make matzo at the Jewish Community Center in Brighton on Monday. He and Rabbi Dovid Mochkin use humor in hopes that children will better remember the lesson. (KARIN VON VOIGTLANDER)

The children of Hillel School could hardly wait for the rabbi to call on them for answers to his questions about Passover.

The 19 or so first- and third-grade students sat on the floor at the Jewish Community Center on Monday and looked straight up at Rabbi Nechemia Vogel.

With a white apron about his waist and a chef’s cap on his head, the rabbi looked down at their little faces, flashed a pleasant smile and talked about the history behind making matzo.

War of Words Erupts With a Barrage of Open-Letters

(L-R:) Moshe Rubashkin, R. Osdoba, R. Schwei

R. Schwei recently wrote two letters to the community. One letter accuses the Rosh HaKohol Moshe Rubashkin has been running the Vaad HaKohol in an ‘unacceptable manner’. The other letter, states that R. Segal was illegitimately appointed. The letters also lays blame on R. Osdoba of being a ‘Nogeah Badavar’ and stated that R. Osdoba himself, has been called to a Din Torah.

In response, Rubashkin published a 67 page booklet, filled with letters on a number of issues, ranging from Rabonim Elections [which makes up the brunt of it] to the Purim Seudah.

Regarding R. Schwei’s statement, Rubashkin remarked, that “anyone would ask himself, wait R. Schwei is accusing R. Osdoba of being a Nogeah Badavar? He himself has his own issues between himself and R. Osdoba! What would that make R. Schwei?”

In the extended article are both the letters and the booklet.

Truck Goes up in Flames

Monday Morning at 6:50am a Tractor Trailer burst into flames, this took place in the parking lot of the Associated Supermarket on Nostrand Ave. between Montgomery and Empire, this parking extends right alongside Malbone St. where all of the houses there are home to Jewish families.

FDNY took a few minutes to respond and put out the flames, which had left a cloud of thick black smoke in the air. The cause of this fire in unknown and is still under investigation. As one of the commenter’s said on the previous fire ‘Der Shtut Brent’ well after this one…

More pictures in the Extended Article! (Special Thanks to Gedaliah Robinson for sending us these pictures!)

UTJ fears thousands of Chabad ultra-Orthodox will vote for Baruch Marzel


The United Torah Judaism party expressed fears on Tuesday that large numbers of Chabad ultra-Orthodox would decide to vote for the rival National Jewish Front led by extreme-right figure Baruch Marzel.

The Chabad community has traditionally been a strong UTJ constituency.

In the 2003 elections, Marzel’s party (Herut, led by Michael Kleiner) received a large number of votes from residents of Kfar Chabad.

ULY celebrates 32 birthdays!

Sunday, students and faculty of ULY – Crown Heights celebrated the birthdays of 32 of their Talmidim who will be celebrating their Yom Holedes during the summer vacation.

The idea behind this celebration is that every child deserves to have a birthday party with his classmates; yet, boys who have their birthdays during the summer vacation will surely miss out on this fun. In conjunction with celebrating the Rebbetzin’s birthday, a grand birthday party was held in honor of those students who were celebrating their birthdays in the summer.

The students from grades 1-4 gathered in the grand ballroom for the party. The children sang songs, heard Divrei Torah and wished the birthday boys many Brochos for their upcoming birthdays.