Catching up with the Jewish basketball star

Cleveland Jewish News

Whatever you do, don’t call Tamir Goodman “the Jewish Michael Jordan.”

He’s not fond of the nickname bestowed upon him by a Sports Illustrated basketball writer, and besides, it’s not even a very apt comparison. Magic Johnson would be more appropriate.

Tamir Goodman loves his life playing basketball in Israel.
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Orthodox Boxer Packs a Punch

Baltimore Jewish Times

Dmitriy Salita’s stiff left-hand jab landed squarely on Louis Brown’s nose, forcing blood to flow down the boxer’s cheek. Salita’s crisp punches kept landing squarely, and as the fight wore on, his speed and toughness took the fight from sporting to laughable.

After the eighth round, the doctor at ringside had seen enough for one night, and stopped the bout before Salita could inflict any more damage.

Israel may lock up Jews who threaten disengagement


Israel may use administrative detention measures to neutralise threats from Israeli militants bent on disrupting its planned disengagement from occupied territory, Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Saturday.

Mofaz said in a television interview that following last week’s killing of four Israeli Arabs by an ultra-rightist Jew, he would consider detention without trial for any individual whom security services recommended should be put behind bars. “We will consider … administrative detention of all those proposed by the Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security service),” Mofaz said.