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Growing business seeks secretary/office assistant.

Full time. Offices located in Boro Park.

Great opportunity for the right individual.

Graduates welcome.

Please email resume to

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Full Time Position Available

Retail and Customer Service Associate

As counter server, you make the day for e-biz owners, teachers and 100s of others who rely on smooth shipping and print services.


Project calm, capable attitude while working efficiently
Advise customers on shipping/printing
Develop rapport with ongoing customers
Manage/maintain equipment

1+ year customer interaction
Patience and an easy smile
Windows, MS Word, PDF
Skill for learning functions/procedures
Work in CH, grow with the company! Must include resume.


The KGB’s Belated Apology for the Persecution and Death of the Rebbe’s Father

Four rabbis—Yosef Aharonov, Shlomo Cunin, Yitzchak Kogan and Sholom Ber Levine—had been sent to Moscow by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, to bring the library of his predecessor, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, of righteous memory, unlawfully being held by the Soviet government, back to its rightful place: the Library of Agudas Chasidei Chabad-Lubavitch in Brooklyn, N.Y. This is the story of the KGB’s belated apology for the persecution and death of the Rebbe’s father.

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2 Bedroom Co-op
Located on Kingston Ave
Between Empire & Lefferts
Very nice condition
Lots of windows
Lots of sunlight
1,050 Square Feet
Top floor – 2 Elevators


Asking $479,000.

Exclusively by Heights Properties


For appointments contact:
J.J. Katz
Phone: 718-363-3932 x 101
Instagram: Heights_properties

Kollel Tiferes Zkainim Needs You, Not Your Money

Today, Chof Av, we enter the 40th year anniversary since the Rebbe established Kollel Tifereth Zekainim Levi Yitzchok – the Chabad Lubavitch Torah institute for Seniors. Est. on 20th of Menachem Av 5740/1980. To honor entering our 40th year, Kollel Tifereth Zekainim Levi Yitzchok is launching a grand campaign so that every man, woman and child, in honor of the 75th Hilulah of the Rebbe’s father can participate in spreading Yiddishkeit and chassidus to the thousands of Jewish seniors.

Q&A: For Children of All Ages in a Disrespecting World, How to Honor Your Parents will host a four-part online course on consecutive Tuesdays starting Aug. 20 titled R-E-S-P-E-C-T: The Commandment That Shapes the Parent-Child Relationship. Presented by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, director of Chabad of the Tri-Valley in Northern California, the course will walk students through the reasons, parameters and ramifications of the Fifth Commandment, the requirement to honor parents.

Chof Av Commemorated in Sydney Australia

In an inspiring event, the  Chabad Shteible at 41 Flood street, in Bondi, Sydney Australia, held this years first farbrengen for Chof Av. The Rebbe’s head Shliach to NSW, Australia, Rabbi Pinchus HaCohen Feldman, spoke at length about the great self sacrifice of Reb Levi Yitzchok, the Rebbe’s father, and his own impressions from the amazing Kibbud Em the Rebbe had for his mother Rebbetzin Chana.

Jewish Doctor Gets Temporary Restraining Order on NJ Right-To-Die Bill

New Jersey’s right-to-die law just went into effect earlier this month but now a judge has halted it after a Bergen County doctor opposed it. Judge Paul Innes of Superior Court in Mercer County sided the opposition, and has issued a temporary restraining order on the law. Though not required to participate, doctors are required to refer patients to another doctor, which Smith said his client did not want to do.

Picture of the Day

Making the perfect sign that will catch a persons attention, and attract them to come to a farbrengen is always a challenge. Sometimes though, simplicity, a tight budget along with a little creativity, can do the trick.

Yeshiva Ktana of Moscow Spends the Summer Learning in Montreal

The students of Mosow’s yeshiva ktana spent the summer months in Montreal, Canada, as part of their yeshivas kayitz program. In a peaceful and quiet environment they continued to delve into their studies. Their dedicated staff accompanied them, guiding and supporting their progress. Friday afternoons saw the students actively working with Montreal’s Jewish Russian immigrants, in coordination with the local Shluchim. The best Rabbis and Mashpiim were brought in from the U.S. and Canada to farbreng with the boys on various occasions.