Store in “Swipe for Points” Scheme Quietly Clears Out Merchandise

Sterling Electronics has been partially cleaned out in a quiet move Thursday night. Many Crown Heights residence witnessed as moving trucks pulled up to the store and workers began removing the merchandise from the shelves. This comes following the revelation of the stores involvement in the recent Credit Card “swipe for points” scandal that left many with tens of thousands, and some with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Izzy Young, 90, Beatnik Kingmaker and ‘Minyan Man’

When Izzy Young, the tireless folk-music impresario, passed away on Feb. 4 in Stockholm at the age of 90, the media took note of a storied career in the history in creating the modern folk-music movement. Missing from the details about this self-described “Jewish boy from the Bronx” is the backstory behind his friendship with Chabad-Lubavitch emissary, Rabbi Chaim Greisman.

Picture of the Day

As we are making our way through the first of this years two months of Adar, RebbeDrive has released two new photos from the newly restored Farbrengen of Purim 5729. Captured on Purim 1969, that Farbrengen marked the longest Purim Farbrengen throughout the Rebbe’s N’sius.

We Fought For Their Freedom, But Where Are Russian-American Jews Today?

Thirty years after the first wave of Russian Jews landed on these shores, the babushkas and fur ushankas have disappeared. But the American-born grandchildren of those immigrants still speak Russian with their parents and grandparents. They socialize with friends of Russian background and do so in Russian Jewish enclaves where the food, drink, and music reflect the tastes of their Slavic grandparents. Why do Russian-speaking Jews seem so uninterested in American Jewish life and what can we do to better engage them?

Tonight: Personal and Home Defense Seminar for Woman

Due to popular demand, NDFT together with The Besht will be hosting a women’s only seminar, this evening, on safety and security. Since this past Sunday, when The Tactical Rabbi, Raziel Cohen, gave a class at The Besht about Personal and Home Defense, there has been overwhelming response to have another class for all of the women who could not come due to being at KSCVK and for those who were not yet aware of it. 

English Speaking Synagogue in Moscow Welcomes New Torah

The Chabad Center for English speakers in Moscow, run by Rabbi Jacob Halevi Klein, welcomed a new Torah Scroll in an event attended by Russia’s chief Rabbi, Rabbi Berel Lazar. The event was attended by dignitaries including president of the Association of Jewish Communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Breda, US ambassador to Russia, Israel’s ambassador to Russia, the donors, family members and members of the large community.