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Ukrainian Jewish Youth Complete Israel Journey

This summer, the FJC’s Stars Ukraine program provided 50 young people aged 18 to 26 with a magical summer experience – a ten-day learning seminar in Israel that was a journey deep into their roots and wide to the country’s borders. Over the course of the trip, the group traveled from the mountains of Tzfat to the Red Sea in Eilat, all the while learning more about themselves, Judaism and the places around them.

New Aleph Beis Posters for Pre-Schools

“If you know Aleph, teach Aleph.”  Each and every one of us has what to offer, has something to contribute, no matter what they may look or act like, no matter what their ability or capability may be. Now, thanks to the members of the Friendship Circle, the children in our community can feel included in this special mitzvah.  They too can be included in teaching “Aleph” to others.

Photos: CTeen Takes On the Summer

It’s been another busy summer for CTeen Headquarters. With four travel programs and a new initiative assisting chapters to facilitate local road trips, CTeen has used the summer months to reach and engage over 200 teens by providing them with an immersive overnight experience. The summer trips, spearheaded by Rabbi Nachman Rivkin, have succeeded in instilling yet another generation of teens with an inspired connection to Yiddishkiet.