Israel Accused of Planting Spy Devices Near White House

An investigation by security forces in the United States has led to the suspicion that Israel is behind the placing of eavesdropping equipment on cellphones in the White House area, Politico reported, citing “three former senior US officials with knowledge of the matter.”

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IDF Retaliates For Rocket Fire, Attacks 15 Targets in Gaza

IDF fighter jets attacked about 15 terror targets in the northern and central Gaza Strip overnight Tuesday, including a number of targets at a military site for production of weapons, a number of targets in compound belonging to Hamas’ naval force and an offensive terrorist tunnel belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced.

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2,600 Year-Old Seal With Biblical Name Discovered

A Bulla (seal) bearing a Hebrew name from 2,600 years ago was uncovered from dirt excavated in 2013 beneath Robinson’s Arch at the foundations of the Western Wall. The seal is inscribed with the name of an individual with the most prominent role in the king’s court in the kingdom of Judea.

Hezbollah Claims to Have Downed an Israeli UAV

The Hezbollah terrorist organization claimed on Monday morning that it downed an Israeli UAV in the village of Ramyeh in southern Lebanon. According to the announcement, members of the organization intercepted the UAV with appropriate weapons as it crossed the border from Israel and it is now in the hands of Hezbollah.

Red Alert Sounds in Sderot

The Red Color siren was sounded on Friday night, shortly after 11:30 pm in the city of Sderot, in the community of Ibim and in Kibbutz Or HaNer in southern Israel. The IDF confirmed that sirens had been activated in the area and said it was investigating.

Kentucky Governor Signs Anti-BDS Legislation

Kentucky Governor Mathew Bevin was joined by Congressman Andy Barr, Rabbi Shlomo Litvin of Chabad of the Bluegrass and Kentucky Stae Senate President Robert Stivers as he signed Senate Bill 143, which codified into law the governor’s executive order from November of 2018. The executive order was aimed at companies engaged in the anti-Semitic Boycott-Divest-Sanctions movement against the Jewish State of Israel.

Hair Cover and a Gun: Netanyahu’s Religious Female Bodyguard

A religious female security guard for the Prime Minister’s Office made news earlier this week, after she was spotted securing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s meeting with Ethiopian Premier Abiy Ahmed in Jerusalem. The young woman is the first religious woman to serve as a guard in the Prime Minister’s Office while wearing a hair covering – which are traditionally worn by married religious Jewish women.

IDF Neutralizes Explosive Device Near Shechem

Earlier today, IDF troops located an explosive device that was placed on a road near Elon Moreh, northeast of Shechem. Additional troops arrived at the scene and blocked the road as police sappers neutralized the explosive device.

Terrorists Who Murdered Rina Shnerb Captured

Israeli security forces have captured the terrorists responsible for the bomb attack Friday which killed an Israeli teen and injured her father and brother. IDF forces working with the Shin Bet internal security agency captured the terrorists in a pre-dawn operation Monday morning.

US State Department Wipes the Palestinian Authority From Its Website

The US State Department appears to have removed the Palestinian Authority from its list of Middle Eastern “Countries and Areas” on its website. The list of countries and areas includes Israel, Jordan and Egypt, but the term Palestinian Authority or Palestinian Territories is now conspicuously absent from the site, although it still appears in the archived content.