Weekly Story: Chabad Vs. Chagas

“I noticed that every few minutes one of the younger chassidim would ask one of the elders if they can take over in helping carrying the heavy barrel of water. However, each time the elderly chassidim refused to relinquish their place.”

Weekly Letter: A Mezuzah Is Like a Helmet

During the month of Elul, when it is customary for Jews to check their mezuzos and tefillin, we share a letter in which the Rebbe answers a person questioning the Rebbe’s  emphasis in the mezuzah campaign, in which he explains that a mezuzah is like a helmet.  A powerful lesson for all, especially for educators. The letter, written originally in English, is from the archives of the Rebbe’s personal trusted secretary, Rabbi Nissan Mindel.

Video: What is the Soul?… in 2 Minutes

What is the soul? Consider your reflection in the mirror. The current image of yourself is different than your fifteen-year-old self. Which one is the REAL you? You also feel and think very differently at the moment than you did when you were fifteen or five, and will likewise feel and think differently when you are eighty or ninety. So the human being is perpetually changing—physically, emotionally, intellectually—which begs the question, “Where is the real you?” Rabbi Pinchas Taylor gives a clear and logical way of explaining the soul.

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