In Mariupol, Ukraine: Faces on the Frontlines

The southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol has been on edge for more than a year now, with the thud of Grad rockets falling in the distance a part of daily life.

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Bungalow for rent – heimishe crowd

3 bedroom bungalow with a front screened porch.
Roomy 2-sink kitchen with many cabinets and appliances.
Spacious dining and living room area
2 air conditioners
Separate backyard-entrance laundry room with a washer and dryer
1.5 renovated bathrooms
Fully furnished both indoors and outdoors.
Very good location.
201-2203602 or 718-7562250

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70 Years Later: Jewish Life Thrives in Germany

Rabbi Yitzchak Mendel Wagner, Shliach to Krefeld, Germany, has learned for over a decade on the phone and through Skype with Rabbi Hershel Finmann, Shliach in Detroit, Michigan. A few months ago, Rabbi Finmann, who moderates his own radio talk show, The Jewish Hour, came up with the idea to host a lecture on the topic “Jews in Germany 70 Years after the Shoah.”

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Students Collect $1,500 in Pennies for Nepal

Have you ever heard of a war where everyone wins?  Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy (LYA) at 1148 Converse Street in Longmeadow, MA was recently involved in a battle between the grades to benefit all.  This event is called Penny Wars.  LYA students, toddlers through eighth grade, raised almost $1500.00 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in seven days.  Proceeds were donated to Chabad of Nepal to benefit the earthquake victims.