Big Miracle at a Chabad Wedding in Baltimore

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BALTIMORE, MD [CHI] — A Big miracle took place just a few hours ago when the atrium, a glass roof of the Hunt Valley Hotel came crashing down into a pile of twisted metal and shards of glass.

This incident happened has hotel guests were getting ready for the wedding of Ben-Tzion Groner (Charlotte, NC) and Rochel Adler (Baltimore, MD) which was set to take place later that day.

Moti Groner, a brother of the Chosson told reporters that the Kallah was actually set to be taking pictures there at the time of the collapse, but was delayed for 20 minutes. He said that “it’s a little miracle for us, so were a little happy for that”. Rabbi Yossi Groner told reporters.

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Police Intelligence Chief Is Honored by the ADL

by Sarah Garland – The New York Sun

The Anti-Defamation League yesterday honored the NYPD’s commissioner of Intelligence, David Cohen, as the first recipient of an award named after an Italian police chief who saved more than 3,500 lives during the Holocaust. The police chief of Fiurme, Giovanni Palatucci, forged documents and visas that allowed thousands of Jews to escape death in concentration camps during World War II. He was eventually caught and died in the Dachau concentration camp in 1944.

As he received the award, Mr. Cohen compared Fiurme to New York City, noting that Jews from throughout Central Europe had flocked to the Italian city seeking refuge, much like the millions of immigrants who come today.

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JCM Hosts a Day of Golf on Par with the Pros

by Mimi Notik

L-R: JCM Golf Event Organizer Mendel Spalter; Golf Committee Chairman Alan Greene, and the JCM’s Director of Operations Sholom Ber Baumgarten.

INWOOD, NY [CHI] — “We don’t usually have kosher hotdogs here!” exclaimed Ira Weinstein yesterday, dressed in his finest golf attire. Indeed, although Weinstein, President of Reds Pools and Patios, plays at the Inwood Country Club often, yesterday’s game of golf took on an unexpected form.

The Jewish Children’s Museum’s welcomed over a hundred businessmen and friends for their Premiere Golf Celebration, a day of serious golf, abundant food, and prizes.

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Video of the Day! – What a Random Stop!

Detroit, MI [CHI] — Bochurim out doing Mivtza Lulav in the parking lot of a mall in downtown Detroit were surprised by a random stop of a Yid in a Ferrari who, when seeing the Bochurim and the Sukkah Mobile stopped for a ‘quick’ Mitzva!

There were four Sukkah Mobiles out doing Mivtzoim and the Bochurim reported that it was a massive success and Kiddush Hashem.

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Mivtzah Lulov in London!

LONDON, England [CHI] — Boys from the Lubavitch Boys School in London set out with their sets of Lulavim and Esrogim on their Sukkah Mobile and did Mivtzah Lulav on the streets of London, meriting lots of Yidden with the Mitzva. They also went to King Solomon High school which is one of the largest Jewish schools in the UK where they shook Lulav with hundreds of students!

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What would have been a nice picture…

Can you imagine a picture of 40 Sukkah Mobiles, ranging in sizes from the standard pickup trucks and getting larger and larger to as big as the 18 wheeler flatbeds you’ve seen right here on, lined up together, perhaps on eastern Parkway, in front of 770 or at least on Kingston Avenue?

That would have been an awesome picture!

When asked what they thought about the idea at the office of Mitzvah Tank Org. the ones responsible for the Sukkah Mobiles, the response was “do you really think it is possible to get more than 15 Shluchim, approx. 25 groups of bochurim and several restaurants to all stop what they’re doing for a picture?”

Rabbi pops up in Korea

Chol Hamoed Sukkos was highly eventful for traveling Mohel, Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos Hashem in the UK.

Rabbi & Mrs Avremi Greenberg Chabad Shluchim in Shanghai, China had been blessed with a baby boy who need a bris; and, in addition, an Israeli couple living in South Korea also needed a bris for their baby son.

My Favorite Museum

by Sara Miriam Gross – Jounior Mishpacha Magazine

Hello, my name is Batya and I live in Brooklyn. One day last year, on Chol HaMoed Succos, my bubby took me on the subway to a tall, shiny museum building. It looked very new. It wasn’t a quiet, serious museum about science, or one that has lots of paintings. It was a museum all about me — and you — and it was fun!