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Rambam Class Spans the Globe

by Rivka Chaya Berman

In a few short months, Marco Jenau will be completing the three-year cycle of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah with “Rabbi Gordon Live” as he whips along Germany’s autobahn highway. Michael Hirsch, who has been streaming Rabbi Joshua Gordon’s classes on Torah and Tanya for years, will toast the completion with a slug of coffee as he studies at dawn on the east coast of the United States. During the wine dark night in Norway, Ole Mads Sirks Vevle will tune in for a class that started in Chabad of Encino, CA, and has grown into one of Chabad.org’s most popular online video classes worldwide.

Daily News: Sukkah Builders Rake It In

A crown Heights-based business was the subject of a NY Daily News feature article on the seasonal ‘pop-up’ industry of Sukkah building, describing how Yeshiva Students earn a quick buck building the wooden and canvas huts in advance of the weeklong holiday.

The Life and Legacy of the Rebbe Maharash

In honor of Yud Gimmel Tishrei, the yahrzeit of the Rebbe Maharash we asked Rabbi Sholom DovBer Avtzon, the author of the acclaimed Rebbeim Biography Series if he can share with us some insights into the life of the Rebbe Maharash. He graciously agreed to give us an unedited portion of his upcoming biography on the Rebbe Maharash.