Ukrainian Jews Flee War Zones

Anna Kroll sighs with relief. She’s grateful for the opportunity to care for her month-old daughter in the comfort and quiet of the Chabad-run old age home in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, where she has found refuge. The Lugansk native watched her hometown erupt in violence over the past few months. Recently, as the situation grew more dangerous, she escaped with her extended family and newborn to Eastern Ukraine’s largest Jewish community, where she was welcomed with open arms.

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Mumbai Chabad House Restored; Nears Completion

On Rosh Chodesh Elul, August 26, 2014, a grand dedication ceremony will be held for the newly-restored Nariman House, the Chabad Center in Mumbai, India that was destroyed during a four-day terrorist siege which claimed the lives of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, HYD, and four other Jews.

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Synagogue and Mosque Pave the Way

Rabbi Yossi Kaplan came home recently to find several men surveying the front of the Chabad House he runs. When asked what was going on, they replied that they were measuring. And they were doing so at the behest of local resident Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora in what was supposed to be a surprise: a newly paved parking lot.

Students Help Protect Israel with ‘Torah Dome’

Last Motzei Shabbos, due to the ongoing unfortunate situation in Israel, the Jewish community of Melbourne, Australia gathered to learn, daven and give tzedakah for the protection of Israel. During the following week, as the situation worsened, the Yeshiva Centre’s Year 8 class and their ‘Shliach’ Levi Druin gathered together to discuss what they can do to help.

Rabbi Works for Public Nod to a Historic London Shul

The North London Synagogue opened its doors in 1868 and closed them for the last time in 1958—its fate largely reflecting the rise and fall of Jewish life in the Borough of Islington, a mainly residential district of Greater London, England.