Tradition and Trendiness Coexist in Gentrifying Montreal Neighborhood

On the northwestern slope of the iconic mountain that gave Montreal its name, the Borough of Outremont is a mix of stately but crumbling townhouses, converted warehouses, sleek luxury condo buildings, rambling mansions, and bars and boutiques common to an up-and-coming urban community.

Bar Mitzvah on Death Row: A Texas Rabbi’s Unique Challenge

Jedidiah Murphy has spent the last 15 years on death row in Livingston, Texas. Like all of the men in the Polunsky Unit, he’s been convicted of terrible crimes. On Oct. 4, 2000, high on cocaine, he shot and killed a 79-year-old woman, stole her car, and used her credit cards to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. Less than a year later, at the age of 25, he was sentenced to death.

Author Delivers Seminar on How to Build Wealth

Crown Heights accountant and financial adviser Asher Lieblich recently published a book titled “The Gift of Wealth,” whose theme is time-tested strategies to build, protect, and preserve wealth. He recently hosted a book-launch event and seminar, followed by a question-and-answer session, which was attended by 150 members of the community.

‘EnerJew’ Coordinators Convene in Azerbaijan

EnerJew, the FJC’s leading project for Jewish teenagers, opens 2016 with its powerful annual coordinators seminar, taking place this week in Baku, Azerbaijan. The four-day seminar, attended by over 50 coordinators from 25 cities that participate in the project, consists of  a wide range of professional workshops, lectures, classes, brain storming sessions and much more.

Emphasis on Education Propels St. Louis Chassidic Woman Into the Public Eye

As testament to 35 years of service to the Jewish community of St. Louis,Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Shiffy Landa was honored last week with the Jewish Professionals of St. Louis (JProStl) Career Achievement Award. The award is presented to an experienced professional—Landa is co-director of Chabad of Greater St. Louis, and Judaic-studies coordinator and a teacher at the Epstein Hebrew Academy in the city—who has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and effectiveness throughout her career.

House Calls in New Hampshire

Preparing for the New Hampshire primaries next week, the presidential candidates and their volunteers will do almost anything to win the votes of the Granite State’s citizens. They’ll even make house visits.