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Celebrate Chanukah with Gombos Bakery!
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OK Kosher is Hiring!

Position: Executive Assistant

Requirements: Comfortable composing letters, scheduling visits, communicating with clients. Intuitive and self-starter.

Experience: Previous office experience preferred.

Long term commitment only. Based in our Crown Heights office. Must be legal to work in the U.S.

Please send your resume to, subject “Executive Assistant”.

Menorah Lit at Spot Where Frierdiker Rebbe Arrived in Philadelphia Exactly 85 Years Earlier

On Monday, Dec. 16th, 1929 (exactly 85 years ago to the day), a Philadelphia Yiddish Newspaper reported that a day before – on Sun, December 15th, 1929 at 12:45pm – there were cries of “baruch haba” from a crowd of 3,000 strong who were gathered at 30th Street train station to greet Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneershon, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe.

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Chanukah is celebrated for 8 exciting days…
A Summer @ Camp Emunah is enjoyed for 8 exciting weeks…
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Siyum in Rambam’s Moroccan Hometown

Armed with a Rambam and a bottle of mashkeh that the Rebbe had sent to Morocco, a group of Jews lead by Rabbi Levi Banon travelled to the city of Fez – a city where the Rambam resided and served as a physician – in order to hold a Siyum HaRambam and Farbrengen.

Never Too Late to Learn: 85-Year-Old Immersed in Study at Mayanot in Jerusalem

The halls of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem buzz with youthful energy as young men in their late teens and 20s rush between classes, clutching notebooks, Talmuds and other Jewish texts.

As American as Apple Pie: Chanukah at the Stadium

The Atlanta Hawks had just finished their basketball game when Jewish music pounded through the speakers, and rabbis and fans got up to dance around the menorah in the center of the basketball court. For Emily Hanover who organized on behalf of the Hawks with Chabad of Atlanta, last year’s event, “was one of the proudest moments of my career.”