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Little Feet Shoe Sale!


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Cozy 2 family house for sale,
Brand new renovated,

Walk in rental apartment consists of:
Front private entrance,
Eat in kitchen, 1 bedroom, Full bathroom,
Washer/dryer area,

Owners duplex apartment consists of:
3 bedrooms, full bathroom, Large eat in kitchen,
Dining room, Washer/dryer closet, Private backyard,
Front driveway for parking,

Asking Price: $769,000

Click here to see pictures of the house!

For appointments contact:
J.J. Katz
Heights Properties Inc.
Phone: 718-363-3932 x 101

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Chasidic Fashion Reaches Down to the Button Holes

“To an outsider, it might be difficult to distinguish any differences in the way the herds of Hasidic men lingering outside 770 Eastern Parkway are dressed. But not everyone is wearing the same exact white shirt, black suit, and black hat,” writes Madison Margolin for The Times of Israel in a feature article on the nuances of Hasidic fashion.

Chabad of Columbia Gets a New Home

Bob Tennenbaum was 28 years old when he was hired as the chief architect and planner for one of America’s early planned communities, Columbia. A picturesque city in Maryland, Columbia was conceived as a utopia of sorts, open to all, regardless of race, religion, or financial status. Twenty-one miles south of Baltimore, Columbia has seen a lot of development since it was first settled in 1967.

CTeen Shabbaton: The Countdown Begins

It’s that time of year again; The CTeen International Shabbaton, the largest youth Shabbaton in the country, is less than three weeks away. What began nine years ago with forty-teens has expanded to 1,516 set to arrive this year, iy’h. When calculated with chaperones, and staff, the number jumps to a whopping 2,034 participants, making this the largest Shabbaton to be hosted in Crown Heights to date.

Chabad Centers Host Events to Combat Bullying

Who hasn’t experienced bullying in one form or another—as a kid on the playground, an adult at work and even among family, right at home? With a national spotlight focused on bullying—mostly in school environments but in other places as well—events at Chabad centers around the country have given people of all ages some tools to address the issue in their lives.

Beth Rivkah Montreal Marks Yud Shvat with Kindness

In the first maamar of the Rebbe, Bosi Lgani 5711, the Rebbe cites examples of how each of the Rebbeim occupied themselves in Ahavas Yisroel. In Beth Rivkah Montreal, the students practiced Ahavas Yisroel on Yud Shvat by visiting senior-citizens residences, and directing special programs for young children. This also fulfills the Rebbe’s directive to utilize Yud Shvat to reach out to other Yidden.

Top Chabad Court: D.C. Is Shemtov’s Exclusive Domain

The Central Committee of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis has declared that the movement’s activities in Washington, D.C., fall entirely under the authority of Rabbi Levi Shemtov, settling a longstanding feud between the District of Columbia rabbi and Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, who oversees Chabad programs in Maryland.