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Premium Post:
Make the Smart Move to Pomona, NY!

69 Pomona Road $589,000
75 Halley Drive $600,000
29 White Birch Drive $589,000
31 White Birch Drive $499,000
27 South Ridge $699,000
46 Halley Drive $499,000
64 Halley Drive $600,000
30 Anderson Road $469,999
345 Call Hollow Road $419,000
14 Cherry Lane $369,900
12 Carteret Drive $474,900

For further info on other Pomona properties call Goldie!

Gilda “Goldie” Netz
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268 South Main St. | New City, NY 10956
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Besht Opens Weekly Kollel for All Ages

For many of us, spending quality time learning, let alone learning in a yeshiva or kolel, is an unattainable dream. We often crave the ability to incorporate more Torah learning and inspiration into our busy lives, but have resigned ourselves to the fact that this is something from the past.


Letter: Even When You Think You Fail, You Succeed

The following heart-warming letter was sent to Rabbi Yaakov T. Rapoport, Shliach to the University of Syracuse, by a former irreligious student who briefly attended a Shabbos meal at his home back in 1996. The young student thought the customs were strange, and barely made it past the soup course, but that brief encounter had an everlasting effect.

MyShliach’s Chidon Online Group Takes First Test

by Merkos 302 News Blog

The tension was palpable as seventy-six boys gathered Wednesday evening to write the first exam in advance of the International Chidon to take place in New York next month. As they feverishly answered question after question, the unanimous hope within each boy’s heart was that of scoring high enough on the test in order to merit representing his peers at the Chidon.

Oholei Torah Founders Honored with Permanent Dedication

In preparation for the 59th Annual Dinner of Oholei Torah, bronze plaques have been erected on the main entrance ways of the Anchor building of Oholei Torah’s Eastern Parkway Campus, dedicating them in everlasting memory of the mossad’s co-founders, Reb Michoel and Rebbetzin Esther Teitelbaum, OBM. They will now be known as the ‘Sha’arei Teitelbaum,’ gateways of Torah and Avodah.

Shliach Borrows a Chopper and Rescues Stranded Israelis

When Chabad of Nepal got word that about 50 Israelis were stuck in several remote villages with no food, electricity or water, they sprang into action, organizing an effort to try and reach them. But a rescue mission to deliver food and a satellite phone to them by motorcycle yesterday ended after a 10-hour journey that met with blocked roads and no way to get through to them.