Premium Post:
Great Work Opportunity in Crown Heights.

Looking for a male, nice and compassionate person, to accompany to Shul and to aid an elderly Anash member of Crown Heights. Work is 25 hours a week, and can be increased to 40 hours.

This is a generous and gracious family that will provide support and proper work environment. Great pay and benefits.

For a confidential interview, please call 646-996-6043

Women Raise Funds for Cancer Care at London Gala

When 125 women gather together, it must be for something worthwhile. On Tuesday, 16th January, a partnership between Chai Cancer Care and Chabad Buckhurst Hill resulted in a Gala Dinner that not only raised money for Chai Cancer Care but also raised awareness of the difference that this charity can make to enable individuals and families suffering with cancer to feel cared for and never simply left alone.

Miracle: Boy Critically Injured by Car Returns Home

In what cannot be described as anything short of an open miracle, Shneur Zalman Boaron, a 13-year-old boy who was critically injured and in a coma for a week after he was struck by a vehicle while crossing Kingston Ave. on his way to school early last month, has been sent home from the hospital in good health just in time for Shabbos.

Kids Bake Challahs, Honor Firefighters

Challah bakers of all ages, accompanied by their parents, gathered on on Martin Luther King Day and had “loaves of fun” baking challah from scratch along with friends from across Orange County in upstate New York. The Kids Mega Challah Bake was organized by Chabad of Orange County, led by Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, and was held at the Monroe Lakeside Fire & Rescue Co.

Life Sketches: The Empty Seat features stories about day-to-day Shlichus from Chabad emissaries around the world in a series titled Life Sketches. In this story, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wolff of Kherson, Ukraine, relates the aftermath of a chance encounter with the local prison warden.

New Haven Whatsapp Group Keeps Police Informed

Residents of New Haven, Connecticut, feel much safer these days amid the rising popularity of a Whatsapp group that keeps tabs on the neighborhood’s safety and keeps police in the loop about any criminal or suspicious activity. The group was founded a year ago by Lubavitcher resident Mendy Katz, and already boasts over 500 vetted participants, including many police precincts.

From Jamaica to Jerusalem with Love

Rabbi Menachem Kutner, Director of Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP), was joined by Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Raskin, Chabad Shaliach from Jamaica, and his wife, Mushka, in a visit of comfort and encouragement to the IDF soldiers still hospitalized following the horrific truck terror attack that took place in southern Jerusalem on Sunday, January 8.

‘Ordinary Woman’ Becomes Heroine to Soviet Refugees

The Rebbe’s call to reach out to every Jew and help them with both their spiritual and material needs has energized his chassidim.  Very often, ordinary chassidim reached beyond what they thought possible to find the means to fulfill this ideal.  Every chossid is a shliach, even if he does not bear the official title. One person who stands out in this area is Mrs. Reitza Kosofsky, founder of F.R.E.E. in Chicago.