South Carolina Chabad Centers Mobilize to Help Flooding Victims

As they join their fellow South Carolina residents in assessing the full impact of severe flooding that washed away local bridges, severely damaged roads, caused a severe shortage in drinking water and led to the loss of 15 lives, leaders and volunteers at Chabad centers throughout the state are joining with other Jewish communal organizations in helping those most in need.

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Kingston Avenue Pizza Shop Seeking Cashier

Pomodori, a pizza shop on Kingston Avenue, is seeking a cashier

Call Cesar for more details (347) 785-5414

Children Bid for Shul Honor with Mishnayos Baal Peh

This year, for the second year in a row, Pesichas Haaron for the daytime Hakafos at Empire Shtiebel in Crown Heights was ‘sold’ to the children in exchange for Mishnayos Baal Peh. Unlike last year, when it was sold for a mere 100 Mishnayos shared by 3 boys (33 Mishanyos each), this year the boys kept bidding until it reached the staggering amouint of 1,000 Mishnayos baal Peh!

Call Goes Out to Dedicate Farbrengens to Shliach

The Vaad Hashluchim to Eretz Hakodesh has released a statement calling on Chabad Chassidim worldwide to dedicate their Farbrengens this Shabbos Bereishis to one of their veteran members – Rabbi Aaron Eliezer ben Rivkah Tseitlin, who is battling a malignant tumor and is in dire need of a Refuah Sheleimah.

Mayor of Melbourne Celebrates Sukkos with Chabad

For the tenth successive year, Chabad of Melbourne CBD, led by Shliach Rabbi Chaim Herzog, celebrated the festival of Sukkot by erecting a Sukkah in the very center of the City of Melbourne. On Thursday, 1 October, 2015, it was literally standing-room only as more than 40 people gathered to eat and drink in the City Sukkah and to hear from invited guests, including the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, The Honourable Robert Doyle.

Israeli Chief Rabbinate: Shliach’s Conversion Invalid

A Jewish convert from the US who made aliyah to Israel had her conversion rejected by the Chief Rabbinate’s department for matrimony and conversion earlier this year, who said it was invalid. The rejection of the Giyur raised many eyebrows, since it was performed by senior Chabad emissary and veteran rabbi Moshe Feller of Minnesota, under the auspices of the Beth Din of America.