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7 Chabad Rabbis Rule Abusers May Be Reported

The Chabad Lubavitch community has taken a historic step forward in combating child abuse. A prestigious group of seven international Lubavitch Rabbinical leaders have signed a proclamation addressing abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community, and ruling that abuse can be reported to straight to government authorities without rabbinical approval.

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Trump Snubs Reform, Invites Chabad to Call

President Donald Trump has invited representatives from three major Orthodox umbrella groups — one of which is Chabad-Lubavitch — to join a pre-Rosh Hashanah conference call, but pointedly left off the invitation list the Reform and Reconstructionist representatives favored by Barrack Obama.

Ukrainian Jewish Youth Complete Israel Journey

This summer, the FJC’s Stars Ukraine program provided 50 young people aged 18 to 26 with a magical summer experience – a ten-day learning seminar in Israel that was a journey deep into their roots and wide to the country’s borders. Over the course of the trip, the group traveled from the mountains of Tzfat to the Red Sea in Eilat, all the while learning more about themselves, Judaism and the places around them.

IDF Permits No Longer Available for Tishrei Guests

Talmidei yeshiva and avreichim wishing to travel abroad for Rosh Hashanah are required to get permission from the IDF or they will be prevented from leaving at the airport. That said, a group of Lubavitcher Chassidim wishing to head to 770 for Tishrei were informed by the Vaad Yeshivos that the induction center is not providing this service for the coming two weeks.

The Real Story: How the Shluchim in St. Martin Were Rescued has learned that a story we published yesterday about the family of Shluchim on the Caribbean island of St. Martin being rescued on Shabbos was factually incorrect. In fact, the Shluchim evacuated to Puerto Rico by the U.S. Military on Friday, having arrived before Shabbos began.