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Judge Says Township Broke Law in Chabad Denial

A federal district just faulted the Township of Toms River, saying they broke the law in denying a religious use variance to Chabad of Toms River, granting the center permission to operate in the residential home and awarded them a judgment against the township for $122,000.

Torahs Menachem Sale Returns for a 3rd Time

The amazing sale, where one can purchase the full current set of Toras Menachem, 60 volumes of the Rebbe’s Torah from the first two decades of the Nesius (1950-1970), is back for a third, and last, time. Ten days only with option of shipping in Israel and the US. Shul’s Kolels, Yeshivos and Camps have a unique opportunity to enrich their library with the Rebbe’s holy words.

She Was a Quiet Bastion of Kindness and Chassidic Warmth

She lived on the upper floor of a modest two-family-home on the rough-and-tumble outskirts of the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Yet, to the hundreds of people who streamed through its blue-painted door, Alessa Wircberg’s home was a bastion of acceptance, Chassidic warmth, guidance, support, and love. She passed away Friday at the age of 66.

“Education Day” Turns 40 on Rebbe’s 116th Birthday

Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A., a day of national commemoration designated by each president since Jimmy Carter in 1978, turns 40 this year. Across the country, the milestone is being marked with events and discussions focused on education. Education Day this year occurs on March 27, 2018, corresponding to the 11th of Nissan on the Jewish calendar, the 116th anniversary of birth of the Rebbe.

Lubavitch HS girls Embark on Recording Stories of the Rebbe

Students in Lubavitch High Schools have undertaken a new initiative – to document and share women’s stories of The Rebbe. Titled “Our Story,” this grassroots project is being done in conjunction with JEM’s “My Encounter” and over the past six weeks dozens of story’s – mostly from grandmothers, mothers and relatives – have been already been recorded.

1 Million Pounds of Shmurah Matzah: How Passover Production Continues to Rise

Passover is around the corner, and handmade shmurah matzah is starting to pop up on supermarket shelves. Before long, it’ll be everywhere—from Costco to the White House. Demand for the traditional, round matzah has grown at a rapid rate in the last 60 years, and according to a survey conducted by Chabad.org, more than 1 million pounds of the handmade variety will be produced in the United States alone. To meet the growing demand, matzah bakeries around the world begin baking shmurah matzah as early as October, producing batches of the tasty, smoking discs.

‘Soul Talk’ Online Course Reveals the Spiritual Reality Behind All Existence

Look around the world and observe a dizzying array of elements, movement, color and creativity. What’s behind it all? Is there purpose in the seemingly endless struggle for survival and the human quest to live better? Is the soul for real?

This Rabbi’s Picture Is Worth 10,000 Mitzvahs

A group of yeshivah students gathered at the bedside of Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz last week and presented him with a digital portrait composed of thousands of miniaturized images of men, women and children around the world doing mitzvahs in honor of his 46th birthday.

What About Purim For Women?

It is just before Purim in Crown Heights, and residents are putting the last touches on their plans for the holiday. Shalach manos have been created; children eagerly await the moment they can put on their costumes; and many men have already decided which farbrengens and other gatherings they plan to attend. But what about the women?