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Video of the Day

In a touching and awe inspiring video, Rabbi Isser Lubecki was filmed holding a Havdalah ceremony in sign language after a special Shabbaton that he organized for the deaf community in the French capital of Paris.

New Network of Jewish Sunday Schools Opens

This week, a new Jewish Sunday school has been opened in Bulgarian capital Sofia. It is already 17th school of those established as a part of the new education project called JFUTURE. JFUTURE is the Jewish Sunday school network intended, first of all, for families that did not take an active part in the community life. With over 400 participants, JFUTURE aims to double the number of students by the end of 2019.

We Fought For Their Freedom, But Where Are Russian-American Jews Today?

Thirty years after the first wave of Russian Jews landed on these shores, the babushkas and fur ushankas have disappeared. But the American-born grandchildren of those immigrants still speak Russian with their parents and grandparents. They socialize with friends of Russian background and do so in Russian Jewish enclaves where the food, drink, and music reflect the tastes of their Slavic grandparents. Why do Russian-speaking Jews seem so uninterested in American Jewish life and what can we do to better engage them?

Weekly Story: Purim Koton 5687

Being that this Shabbos is Parshas Titzaveh and most Anash will be reviewing the maamar V’Atah Tetzaveh, the maamar that the Rebbe personally distributed on Purim Koton 5572 (1992), just two weeks before his stroke on chof-zayin Adar Rishon. In the beginning of the maamar the Rebbe notes that it is based on the maamar that the Frierdiker Rebbe said during the farbrengen  of Purim Koton 5687 (1927). I therefore thought it would be appropriate to relate part of the story of that era, which lends an insight of the intent of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s maamar, and according to many it also gives insight into the intent of the Rebbe, of why he chose to publish this maamar (which he said eleven years earlier, on Parshas Teyzaveh 5781 (1981).

Weekly Unique Photo of the Rebbe

Courtesy of Lubavitch Archives, we present a weekly photo of the Rebbe Rayatz as he thanks the judge who swore him in as a United States citizen, 16 Adar, 1949. On the 9th of Adar we mark the day the Rebbe Rayatz arrived to the United States. The Rebbe can be seen standing on the left. 

R’ Hecht: MicDrop 10 Times Worse than Call of the Shofar

On the heels of a recent controversy involving a Rabbinic prohibition on attending an event titled “MicDrop,” in a recorded interview Rabbi Shea Hecht likened the phenomenon to the Call of the Shofar, a cult-like therapy program. R’ Hecht has now doubled down on his claims saying, “not only is it another Call of the Shofar, it is ten times worse.”