Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Halina Friedman

Halina Friedman was born in Lodz, Poland in 1933, the only child of her parents Wolf and Anna Herling, who were prosperous merchants. Anna spoke fluent German, had an “Aryan” appearance, and was a practical and resourceful woman – which would help her save Halina and other family members during the Holocaust.

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Zehava Gealel

Zehava Gealel was born in 1935 in The Hague, the Netherlands, the middle of Jocheved and Zeev Stahl’s three children. The family owned a kosher dairy products store. In 1942, two years after the conquest of the Netherlands, when Dutch police accompanied by Germans arrived to take the family members into custody before internment in the Netherlands pending deportation, Zeev claimed that all his children had a contagious disease.

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Shmuel Naar

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Shmuel Naar was born in 1924 in Thessaloniki, Greece, to a family of 11 people. His father Shlomo was a journalist for local Jewish newspapers. Shmuel attended the Jewish school in Thessaloniki, and later the Alliance High School, but he did not get to complete his studies there. In the spring of 1941, the Germans occupied Thessaloniki and persecution against Jews began.

Video of the Day

You know that Merkos’s new Ambassador program that aims to empower others to become Shluchim is working well when you can’t get away from reminders to count Sefira. Would the person who got this stewardess to remind an entire plane full of Jewish people returning after Pesach to count Sefira please stand up?

Video of the Day

The USS Johnston, captained by Ernest Evans – the first Native American in the Navy to be awarded the Medal of Honor, was sunk during World War II while in combat by multiple Japanese Vessels. For the first time since it disappeared below the waves, we received a full view of the sunken ship.