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Are you happy, motivated and really like children?

A Long Island Hebrew School is looking to hire a Hebrew school director. Are you the right fit?

We are conveniently located in Long Island, the commute gets you out of Brooklyn and it’s not too far.

Our school is growing and you can play a big role in the education of many children and their families.

The pay is competitive.

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Video: Back to the Future, Part Jew

Is time travel possible? Its been a part of science fiction for centuries, but could it really occur? The nature of time is a fascinating topic that has been discussed since the days of the Greek philosophers. In the modern era, with a new look at the universe, the possibility of time travel is quickly moving from a science-fiction topic to something within the realm of possibility.

Video: The Evolution of Jewish Music

Meir Kay and Benny Friedman teamed up to produce this brand new video, paying tribute to the history of Jewish Music. Some we grew up with, some our parents told us about, and some that we get our children into. A generational link between eras! As Jewish music continues to evolve, this video is meant to take observation of those changes, with a little humor and respect, and a lot of love.

Startup Aims to End Children Dying in Hot Cars

Could a responsible parent actually forget their child in an overheated car? Just mentioning it turns stomachs. The answer is: absolutely, and preventing it from happening is the mission of Angel, an intelligent and affordable car seat sensor recently launched by Sharkk, a company founded by young Lubavitcher entrepreneurs.