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Op-Ed: Is Tznius One’s Private Business?

As we continue through the summer months, when dressing modestly becomes a greater challenge, we present an op-ed by renowned author and educator Rabbi Moshe Wiener, who relates the Rebbe’s message as to whether dressing immodestly is a private matter, or something that negatively affects others.

Weekly Story: Helping Without Being Asked

The nurse entered the Frierdiker Rebbe’s study room and saw that the color in his face wasn’t its usual color, and he was sitting in his chair motionless. Going over to see that everything is alright, she was startled when he didn’t respond to her inquiries or any of the noise she intentionally created to get his attention.

Video: Back to the Future, Part Jew

Is time travel possible? Its been a part of science fiction for centuries, but could it really occur? The nature of time is a fascinating topic that has been discussed since the days of the Greek philosophers. In the modern era, with a new look at the universe, the possibility of time travel is quickly moving from a science-fiction topic to something within the realm of possibility.

Weekly Story: Internalizing

Reb Chaim Zalman’s son, Reb Mottel, lived in close proximity to him and would visit his father at least three times a day. Once in the morning, to help his father get up, dressed, put on tefillin and eat. Once in the afternoon to see how he is faring and if he needs anything, etc., and finally in the evening to make sure the attendant gave him his medications and help him get ready for the night.

What the Previous Rebbe Told His Interrogators

The story of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s arrest and interrogation in 1921 in the city of Rostov-on-Don (which occurred prior to his arrest, exile and liberation in 1927) became well-known in the early 1940s, and has been a source of powerful inspiration ever since. But few people know why the Frierdiker Rebbe chose to have it transcribed and translated to English.

Video: Do You Own Your Judaism?

After being freed from prison on yud beis Tammuz, The Frierdikker Rebbe told of a meditation he said he had used to manage to get through his ordeal in prison. But why would the Freirdikke Rebbe need help to make it though? Surely he was aware that everything Hashem does is ultimately for his best interest? Rabbi Yisroel Glick explains.