Chassidus Wins at Sinai Scholars Academic Symposium

Two students from the University of Sydney and Western Washington University were awarded the Jewish Academic Innovation Award for their in-depth research papers that used modern, Western academia written in the age-old pilpul style to analyze contemporary matters in the context of Jewish tradition.

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Kabbalah and Freud Carry the Day at Symposium

Students took center stage at the Students-and-Scholars symposium at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on Sunday, presenting to Rabbis and distinguished academics.

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Dartmouth Student Presents Winning Paper at Sinai Scholars Conference

by Chava Zviklin –

In a conference room buzzing with the excitement, passion and curiosity of young minds and seasoned scholars, university students and preeminent academics from across the globe came together for a day of lively discussion, exploration, and debate on a myriad of topics under the theme, “Ancient Ethics in a Post-Modern World.”

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New Generation of Scholars Ponders Jewish Existential Issues

by Zalman Abraham –

Hanover, New Hampshire — Is it rational to believe in the historical accuracy and divine origin of the Bible? Can Jews exist as a community without a land of their own? Is the traditional role of women in Judaism an affront to feminism?

These were some of the questions Jewish students explored and debated this past Sunday-Monday, at the 2nd Annual Sinai Scholars Symposium, hosted at Dartmouth’s Nelson A. Rockefeller Center.

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Princeton Conference Showcases Aspiring Judaic Scholars’ Research

by Yonit Tanenbaum –

PRINCETON, NJ — Aspiring Judaic scholars from across the country descended on Princeton University Sunday for a groundbreaking conference with leading professors in an examination of the nexus between Jewish ethics and the post-modern world.

Many more pictures in the Extended Article!

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First-Ever Sinai Scholars Conference Brings Students and Professors Together

By Reuvena Leah Grodnitzky for

Rabbi Eitan Webb, director of Chabad on Campus at Princeton University, leads a Sinai Scholars class.

In an event hailed by participants as groundbreaking, undergraduate students, noted professors and distinguished Torah scholars from around the world will come together for the first Students-and-Scholars Academic Symposium.

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Fresh Perspectives on Money and Morality

Terms like “capital” and “value” often crop up in economic parlance. But at this year’s Sinai Scholars symposium in New York City, these words were endowed with new meaning.