EMERGENCY! Circumcision Ban Threatened in New York City; Immediate Action Essential


(Crown Heights, May 13, 2005)–An emergency meeting was held Friday morning in the offices of the Beis Din of Crown Heights, at which leaders of the Williamsburg Jewish Community met with Crown Heights’ Vaad HaKahal and other community activists to formulate a joint strategy in response to a threat so severe as to bring together all segments of G-d fearing Jews everywhere: proposed action being considered over the next few days by the New York Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene that could eventually lead to the banning of the halachically-required component of the bris milah procedure known as metzitza ba-peh.

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Rabbi & Mrs. Yisroel (Raleigh) Resnick of Crown Heights will IYH be moving on Shlichus to Northern California where they will establish a new Chabad House serving the needs of the Jewish residents in Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore also known as the Tri-Valley.

The Resnicks were appointed by Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, head Shliach of California.


If you have any friends or relatives in those areas and would like to put them in touch with the new Shluchim e-mail them @ rylresnick@aol.com

“Beis Shmuel” Members Enhance Connection to the Rebbe


Members of the Beis Shmuel shul in Crown Heights took upon themselves to strengthen ties with the Rebbe. Rabbi Moshe Pinson, one of the founders of the shul told COL that Rabbi Azriel Rappaport, one of the shul committee members initiated the idea of meeting twice a month on Thursday nights for watching Sichas of the Rebbe. After watching the video, participating Anash members are to discuss how to implement the Rebbe’s directives in practical terms. Last Thursday marked the first evening in this series, which turned out to be successful.

just to confirm there were no arrests made outside of 770 on thursday night
it was just an ongoing dispute between 2 people

A synopsis of yesterday in Crown Heights

B”H there isn’t much happening on the crime front in Crown Heights but when there is, it’s all out and all at once.

Yesterday at about 2:30pm a Bochur’s van was broken into in broad daylight, and the perpetrator took quarters!!! That’s all just some pocket change. Then he later proceeded roaming around our neighborhood looking into cars and even eyeing houses, but thank g-d he didn’t strike again.

Then at 9:00pm there was a shooting incident on Eastern Parkway and Tory Avenue, the police have been really quiet about the nature of the incident, all we can say is there were no Yidden involved, although this took place a mere 2 houses away from the very large Jewish building and just down the block for Chovevia Torah – Lubavitcher Yeshiva.

Then immediately after that, about 6 police cars went rushing to 770 and arrested an individual, we have no details as to the nature of the arrest.

At this time I would like to warn the people of this community, do not leave anything in your car that has any value (even an empty can of soda) in view, and if you were a victim of a brake-in please report the incident to the Police and Shomrim which can be reached at (718) 774-3333

Crown Heights to get together for “Day of Study” on the subject of Moshiach and Geulah


By Yitzchok Wagshul – Crown Heights Chronicle

A Yom Iyun, or “Day of Study,” on the subject of Moshiach and Geulah will, IY”H, be held this Sunday, May 15th from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Oholei Menachem, 667 Eastern Parkway.

The event, sponsored jointly by the Vaad HaKahal and the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education (NCFJE), is scheduled to coincide with 6 Iyar, which is the s’fira count of malchus sheh-b’tiferes – a day the Rebbe has said is especially appropriate for such study.

Renowned and fascinating speakers will be on hand throughout the day, including such luminaries as our own Rabbonim, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba shlita and Rabbi Aharon Yaacov Schwei shlita, as well as Rabbi Isser Weisberg of Toronto, who regularly enthralls audiences with his novel insights on Moshiach and Geulah. It is costing over $650 to fly Rabbi Weisberg here and back, according to the Vaad HaKahal, but it should be well worth it.

Other prominent speakers include, in alphabetical order: Rabbi Shmuel Butman; Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky; Rabbi Zvi Homnick; Rabbi Shloma Majesky; and Rabbi Michoel Seligson. Others are slated to attend as well, but have not yet confirmed their availability.

Among the interesting topics to be addressed are such pressing matters as: What signs show that geulah is imminent; How can we “do everything in our power” to bring Moshiach; and How can we prepare for geulah on a personal level.

Refreshments will be served and the day promises to be both educational and inspiring, so be sure and mark your calendar and come by for part or all of the program!



SNS has learned that Rabbi & Mrs. Velvel Lipsker of Crown Heights are moving to Miami, FL where Velvel will serve as Mashpia in the Yeshiva Gedola, starting in Elul 5765.

Rabbi Lipsker was appointed by Rabbi Benzion Korf, Menahel of the Yeshiva.


The Lipskers can be reached via e-mail @ zvlipsker@hotmail.com

New Chumash with Rebbe’s Pirushim discussed @ 2-hour-long meeting in 788 E.P.


On Wednesday afternoon a 2-hour-long meeting took place in the conference room of 788 Eastern Parkway to discuss the launch of a brand new project by Kehos.

The project, is a new Chumash with the Rebbe’s Pirushim in Loshon Kodesh.

With today’s important meeting, the hope is that very soon work will begin.

Participants @ the meeting included Rabbis: Yoel Kahan, Yehuda Krinsky, Yossi Friedman, Leibel Altein, Yaakov Moshe Wolberg, Chaim Shaul Brook, Dovid Feldman, Aron Leib Raskin, Ari Chitrik, Berel Levin, Yitzchok Wilhelm, Eli Matusof, Dovid Olidort, Yirmy Berkowitz, Gavriel Schapiro, Yisroel Shimon Kalmanson and Ari Sollish. Participating via conference call were Rabbis Leibel Schapiro and Mendel Kaplan.

Thursday, the 3rd of Iyar marks 12 years since the passing of Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Isaac Hodakov.


Rabbi Hodakov served as Menahel of “Machne Yisroel”, “Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch”, Chief secretary of the Rebbe, and was the “Yoshev Rosh” of “Agudas Chassidei Chabad Ha’Olomis”.

May his Neshama have an aliya. Vehukeetzu veranenu shochnay ufur vehu besochom!

SLICE OF SLICE from the Lchaim 8 Sivan 5753

On Friday evening, the 3rd of Iyar (April 23), Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Isaac Hodakov, passed away

Rabbi Groner Farbreings on Beis Iyar


A few dozen women of Crown Heights participated in a farbreingen arranged by Mrs. Chani Farkash in her home. Rabbi Yehudah Leib Groner – the Rebbe’s secretary, farbreinged with the women after an introduction by Rabbi Yehudah Rubin – Beis Chabad director of Alon Moreh, who updated the women regarding the struggle against the disengagement plan.

Rabbi Groner stressed the role of women as the ‘Akeres Habayis’ (main constructive force in the home), and her role at designing and maintaining the Jewish home. Rabbi Groner integrated his speech with stories from the Rebbe’s sichos etc. Crown Heights’ women anticipate a future follow up of similar sessions dealing with the role of the Chassidic women in their homes.

Crown Heights’ Burglar – Caught

The arrest of the serial burglar in Crown Heights brought a feeling of relief to both Institutes and Businesses in the area. The burglar, a former resident of Crown Heights, knew how to target good timings for his actions, and chose, for example, the Seder night to empty out valuable contents of drawers in offices he was acquainted with.

Upon consultation with the neighborhood Rabbi – Rabbi Osdoba, a group of people who were robbed, filed a complaint with the police. This Wednesday night, the ‘ganov’ was caught red handed in one of Crown Heights’ yeshivas, as he was attempting to steal from the Director’s office. Police investigators are currently working on finding the hiding place of all the stolen objects.

Bush Tells Chabad Chasidim: I Listen to Chassidic Music


In the recent edition of the Israeli Music magazine Shiru Lo, there is a report that the Music supplement of the N.Y. Times reviewed Moshe Gutman’s new album. Gutman, from N.Y., has close ties with the U.S. Attorney General, recently presented him with a copy of his new album and in turn presented it to President George Bush.

The story became known, writes Shiru Lo, when a Lubavitcher chasidim met with President Bush during Pesach and suddenly the President turned on his stero player and one could hear Koznitz nigunim. Bush said “I listen to this eventhough I don’t know what the words mean.”

Hatzalah Of Crown Heights Need’s You

Hatzalah is appealing to each and every member of the community and elsewhere to participate in our most important fundraising event of the year, our ANNUAL RAFFLE which will take place on 8 Sivan – June 15th 2005 IY”H.


Tickets may be purchased online @ www.Hatzalah.CH (all major credit cards accepted)

We urge you to support this effort, in order to enable us to maintain the highest level of care for our community.

Drawing will take place @ Lubavitch Yeshiva – Crown Street @ 8:00 p.m. (winner need not be present to win).

Family Members of the Satmer Rebbe Daven in Chabad


The Satmer Rebbe’s daughter in law from Borough Park was injured in a car accident and hospitalized in the Kings County hospital in Crown Heights. Due to past friction between Satmer and Chabad communities including cases of violence towards Chabadniks, the arrival of family members of the Satmer Rebbe to daven in the ‘Beis Binyomin’ shul on Montgomery Street may mark a new period of conciliation between the two communities.

Also, the “Ahavas Chessed” fund, headed by Reb Avrohom Lieder, was made available to the Satmer family and they were honored with an Aliya in the shul by Rabbi Lime Minkowits. COL was further informed that Rabbi Sholom Eliezer Teitelbaum delivered Torah thoughts on the Parsha based on the Rebbe’s Sichos.

Breaking news: Eleventh-Hour Anonymous Gift Saves Union Street Mikveh

by Yitzchok Wagshul

An anonymous donor has come forward at the eleventh-hour and saved the neighborhood’s most heavily-used mikveh, the Chronicle learned this morning. The mikveh on the corner of Union Street and Kingston Avenue, used by nearly a thousand people daily, was slated to close Sunday due to lack of funds.
For many years the mikveh was maintained at the expense of the late senior chossid and philanthropist, Rabbi Schneur Zalman Gurary, o.b.m., who owned the building in which it is housed. After Rabbi Gurary’s passing in September, 2003, his heirs eventually put the building up for sale. Protracted negotiations with Congregation Lubavitch, Inc., which sought to purchase the property as part of a plan to expand 770, have so far been unavailing, reportedly because the asking price is too high.
In the meanwhile, the Gurary family had permitted the mikveh to remain open, but around a half year ago announced that it would be closed due to prohibitive expense. The mikveh actually did close for a brief period after the High Holiday season, but was reopened when the Vaad HaKahal struck a deal with the heirs to cover the mikveh’s costs. According to sources familiar with the arrangement, the Vaad agreed to pay the family $8,500. per month to rent the facility; in addition, ongoing expenses included $2,000. monthly for a team of four bochurim to operate and maintain the mikveh (which is open from 5:30 a.m. to 12 noon every day), plus another $1,000.-$1,200. a month for water, soap, and other supplies.
After paying almost $12,000. a month from then until now, the Vaad HaKahal found itself falling behind with the rent payments, owing to the fact that not enough was being raised to cover the full amount. “A shul that operates a mikveh has some room to juggle in paying for its upkeep,” said a Vaad HaKahal member. “They have kiddushim, sell aliyos, and otherwise get donations, and these things help pay for their mikveh. We don’t have that advantage, and it’s impossible to lay out this kind of money if it doesn’t come in from somewhere.”
Yesterday, at the end of its financial rope, the Vaad posted a sign on the mikveh announcing the facility would close this coming Sunday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar. The Gurary heirs would then have a better chance of selling the building, as buyers have reportedly been reluctant to purchase a property containing an operative mikveh.
However, early this morning, a person approached Moshe Rubashkin, Chairman of the Vaad HaKahal, and handed him an envelope. The donation, he said, was for the mikveh and was in memory of his father, although he preferred to remain anonymous. According to Mr. Rubashkin, the money was enough to keep the mikveh from closing for now.
“We have such a beautiful community here in Crown Heights,” he told the Chronicle. “There are so many programs and benefits, like the Union Street mikveh, that we as a community try to provide, and there are many more that we’d like to provide. Everyone understands that the Vaad HaKahal can’t do all this alone; we’re just volunteers trying our best to act on behalf of all Crown Heights residents. More people, like this wonderful gentleman who helped with the mikveh, should step up to the plate and get involved, so we can continue whatever we’re doing and build up to doing much more.”
Mr. Rubashkin added that donations are still needed to ensure the mikveh’s continued availability. “Community benefits always cost money,” he noted. “When Rabbi Gurary a.h. was alive, he generously built and took care of this central mikveh himself. You don’t get government grants for something like that; it’s a private thing. Now that he’s no longer here, that money has to be replaced by other benefactors of Crown Heights.”
Contributions to help maintain the Union Street mikveh can be made by contacting Moshe Rubashkin in person or in care of the Jewish Community Council. The number is (718) 771-9000.

Community Council: “We are Unable to Uphold the Mikveh”


The Jewish Community Council of Crown Heights publicized a letter saying that they are unable to uphold the Mikveh on the corner of Union and Albany any longer; therefore, the Mikveh will be shut down again. The Mikveh, which caters to nearly a thousand people per day, was shut down a half a year ago and was only reopened after the intervention of several prominent council members. Now that the elections are over, the Mikveh is shutting down again.

After speaking to the community council this afternoon we were told “the mikvah costs us $12,500 a month and we are only raising on average $5,000 a month we haven’t got enough funds to be able to keep the service going, unless the community contributes so the only thing to do at this stage is to close the mikvah, we are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience”.