Weekly Letter: Tragedies In Our History

In connection with the challenging times we are experiencing now, we share a letter of the Rebbe in answer to someone questioning the tragedy of the Holocaust. The Rebbe refers to other great tragedies in our history : our enslavement in Egypt, the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash by Nevuchadnetzar and the crusades. And emphasizes with an encouraging message – that despite the terrible nature of the catastrophes – the Jews did not weaken their faith in G-d nor their commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

Weekly Letter: The Importance of Shabbos Observance

The last few parshios teach about the construction of the mishkan – and in the present parsha we are reminded about the observance of Shabbos and told that however important the construction of the mishkan is – we may not desecrate the Shabbos to build it. We present a letter of the Rebbe about the importance of Shabbos observance – even when it is very difficult to do so when it conflicts with one’s very successful career.

Weekly Letter: “How Can a Civilized Person Today Accept Such a Command to Wipe Out an Entire Nation?

This Shabbos it is a mitzvah to read the additional portion Parshas Zachor – to remember what Amalek did to us, after we left Mitzrayim, and the command to annihilate the nation of Amalek. Haman was a descendant of Amalek and we therefore read this portion before Purim. The Rebbe’s letter is in answer to one who is questioning this seemingly cruel command “How can a civilized person today accept such a command to wipe out an entire nation?”

Weekly Letter: Questions and Doubts About the Torah and Mitzvos

After the receiving of the Torah, as we now go into the mitzvos, we share a letter in which the Rebbe answers one with questions and doubts about the Torah and mitzvos. Using the scientific method in his explanation, the Rebbe discusses why Jews have 613 and non-Jews have 7 mitzvos and how we can be sure of the authenticity of Torah.

Weekly Letter: Chinuch Devoid of Jewish Spirit and Pride

Living in the foreign culture of the Mitzrayim of today – being overwhelmed with the raging waters of the Nile and its secular environment – we present a letter where the Rebbe addresses the question of “Kindness of nations is sin.” Explaining it as it relates to Jews of today being fooled into exposing their children and daughters to a chinuch devoid of Jewish spirit and pride.

Weekly Letter: The Power Of A Jewish Name

In the week when we read of the beginning of our enslavement in Egypt, we present a letter about the importance of a Jewish name. One of the merits the Jews had, making them worthy of being delivered from golus Mitzrayim, was that they did not change their Hebrew name. Not only did they preserve their Jewish identity, but they also proclaimed it proudly.

Weekly Letter: The Idea of a Jewish Will

In the week when we read about the blessings of Yaakov to his 12 children before his passing, his parting words being by way of a last will, we present a letter of the Rebbe in which he mentions some points about a Jewish will.

Weekly Letter: Ensure That Our Place Of Residence Is Conducive to Torah Living

As Yaakov and his family are now moving to Mitzrayim, devoid of anything Jewish, Yehudah is sent to prepare the proper Torah environment for the family. This has been the Jewish custom ever since – to ensure that our place of residence should be conducive to Torah living. The Rebbe’s letter this week is in answer to one who is asking about accepting a position in a city where there is no organized orthodox community and the education of the children would be a challenge.