Weekly Letter: Seven Weeks of Nechama/Comfort

In this weeks letter – which will hopefully bring comfort during these “Seven Weeks of Nechama/Comfort” – the Rebbe’s writes in answer to one who is in search of the truth and asks why it is that Yidden remain loyal to their faith after having endured so much persecution. The Rebbe refers to the Revelation at Sinai in his clear and concise explanation, among other points he makes.

Weekly Letter: Comforting the Bereaved

In the week of Shabbos Nachamu/comfort we present a letter of the Rebbe of nichum aveilim- comforting the bereaved. The comfort that one gets for his personal grieving is derived from the comfort which all Yidden, who are mourning the destruction of Tzion and Yerushalayim , get from Hashem’s promise. Its clear message will help us understand an find comfort.

Weekly Letter: Fulfilling a Neder

This weeks parsha begins with the laws of vows and oaths. Although the Rebbe on principle does not answer legal/halachic questions, he does on occasion address questions of halachah – in this letter, a question the writer is asking about the neder that he had made. 

Weekly Letter: Seeing Beyond the Surface of the Object

With the beginning the three week period – we present a letter of the Rebbe to an artist in a mood of despair. The Rebbe points to the talent of an artist to see beyond the surface of the object and express its inner essence. So too in our service of Hashem – where we aim to see more than the surface. The Rebbe discusses the purpose of trials, tragedies and difficulties – especially in light of chassidus.

Weekly Letter: To “Make a Holy Land” in All Places

In celebrating Yud Bais Tammuz – birthday and chag ha’ge’ula of the Frierdiker Rebbe – we present a letter where the Rebbe encourages participants in a public event to “make a Holy Land” in all places. This follows the Frierdiker Rebbe’s example of dedication and mesiras nefesh for Torah, at all times and in all places, in spite the scars he suffered from the War and Holocaust. These horrific events created a void, which is for us to fill.

Weekly Letter: Peace and Harmony in the Face of Differing Opinions

In connection with the topic of strife as we see in this week’s parsha – of Korach and his group – we share a letter from the Rebbe in which he comments and advises on maintaining peace and harmony in the face of differing opinions. Where a group of people do not see eye to eye with each other, yet share a common goal, in order to insure success it is critical for them to settle differences in a peaceful way. For – “Peace is the vessel containing G-d’s blessing.”

Weekly Letter: Are Women in “Orthodox” Judaism in an Inferior Position?

We present another letter on the topic of women – as the Rebbe would traditionally speak to a gathering of women and girls during these weeks preceding the summer. In this letter the Rebbe addresses the question of the woman’s role from the viewpoint of “orthodox” Judaism (as he denounces the use of “labels”) and whether there is validity in the notion that she has been placed in an inferior position. The Rebbe brings a clear and concise analogy to explain the functions of man and woman.

Weekly Letter: A Jewish Woman’s Role in Disseminating Yiddishkeit

It was customary for the Rebbe to speak to a gathering of women and girls this time of year in 770 – on the occasion of the Neshei Chabad Women’s convention as well as for the end of year graduation and preparation for the summer. We share with you during these weeks letters to and about women. In this week’s letter the Rebbe addresses the question of the women’s role in disseminating Yiddishkeit and of women learning – as well as of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s efforts in promoting this. 

Weekly Letter: The Jewish Way of Life

In preparation for Shavuos – we share a letter in which the Rebbe emphasizes that the Jewish way of life is “na’asse v’nishma”. We do and then we learn. Even in the realm of science, discipline and methods need to be first accepted. Questioning the truth is fine – yet not understanding truth does not make it not true.

Weekly Letter: The Essence of a Jew

In preparation for Lag B’Omer we share a letter where the Rebbe explains what the essence of a Jew is – and gives the analogy of a fish in water, to explain the impossibility of changing one’s essence. Just as R’ Akiva had explained to his students.