Weekly Letter: The Power Of A Jewish Name

In the week when we read of the beginning of our enslavement in Egypt, we present a letter about the importance of a Jewish name. One of the merits the Jews had, making them worthy of being delivered from golus Mitzrayim, was that they did not change their Hebrew name. Not only did they preserve their Jewish identity, but they also proclaimed it proudly.

Weekly Letter: The Idea of a Jewish Will

In the week when we read about the blessings of Yaakov to his 12 children before his passing, his parting words being by way of a last will, we present a letter of the Rebbe in which he mentions some points about a Jewish will.

Weekly Letter: Ensure That Our Place Of Residence Is Conducive to Torah Living

As Yaakov and his family are now moving to Mitzrayim, devoid of anything Jewish, Yehudah is sent to prepare the proper Torah environment for the family. This has been the Jewish custom ever since – to ensure that our place of residence should be conducive to Torah living. The Rebbe’s letter this week is in answer to one who is asking about accepting a position in a city where there is no organized orthodox community and the education of the children would be a challenge.

Weekly Letter: Why Do Jews Fear Non-Jews?

From this week’s parsha we learn from Yaakov our father how to interact with Esav. When Jews need to confront non-Jews and advocate for Jews and Jewish causes – they should study well the encounter of Yaakov and Esev This week’s letter is in answer to a non-Jew who asks the Rebbe why it is that Jews fear non-Jews.

Weekly Letter: Selling of the Birthright By Esav to Yaakov

This weeks letter is a summary of an exchange of letters – which Rabbi Mindel had in the early 1960’s with a team of reform “scholars” who translated the Bible to English. He took particular issue with their gross mis-translation and false implications of the verses referring to the selling of the birthright by Esav to Yaakov.

Weekly Letter: The “Secret” Behind The Hatzlocho Which Chabad Enjoys

In honor of the Kinus Ha’shluchim this week –  We share a letter of the Rebbe, acknowledging the good wishes to him on the occasion of his birthday and stating that these good wishes are a tribute to the entire Lubavitch movement. The Rebbe then explains the “secret” behind the hatzlocho which Chabad enjoys in their world wide activities with all Jews.

Weekly Letter: The Uniqueness of Man

These parshios are about Avraham Avinu, the father of the Jewish people and a very unique individual, of whom it is said “Echad haya Avraham,” Avraham was one. He was indeed just one person, yet was able to change the world.  The Rebbe’s letter this week discusses exactly this point: the uniqueness of man and and the great power which just one person has to affect and change the world.

Weekly Letter: How Does Gentile Make Peace With G-d?

In connection with Parshas Noach – we share a letter which the Rebbe writes to a non-Jew who is asking “how does Gentile make peace with G-d?” In it the Rebbe explains how one can live a life of fulfillment through the adherence to the Seven Laws given by G-d to the children of Noach. 

Weekly Letter: The Purpose of Man

The first parsha in the Torah – Bereishis – describes the creation of the world and everything within and without it and lays the foundation for the purpose of creation: MAN. In this week’s letter the Rebbe clearly and simply explains what this purpose is, what it is that man was created to do, thereby fulfilling the purpose and destiny of the entire creation.

Weekly Letter: The Difference Between Merrirus (Bitterness) and Atzvus (Depressions)

During the Ten Days of Repentance – we approach the day of Yom Kippur with awe and trepidation. As we experience feelings of remorse – it would be good to keep in mind the words of the Rebbe in this letter – where he explains the difference between feelings of merrirus (bitterness) and atzvus (depressions) – as the Tanya teaches. And points out that teshuvah is followed by a feeling of relief and joy – expressed in the “Season of our Rejoicing.”

Weekly Letter: Man, Created Single, Can Transform the World

In preparation for Rosh Hashana – we present a letter where the Rebbe points to the interesting fact that man, unlike other species, was created single and underlines the significance of this fact: Man, one single person, has the capacity and power to “transform” the world. Each Jew has the fullest capacity and duty to reach the highest degree of fulfillment and do the same for the world of Creation.

Weekly Letter: The Saying of Tehillim

During the month of Elul and the days from Rosh Hahsanah through Yom Kippur we place particular emphasis on the saying of tehillim. The letter we share this week gives some fascinating facts about the origins of Tehillim from a historical perspective and about its emphasis by kabbala and chassidus.