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Weekly Letter: The Two Shmitta Laws Pertaining to Debts

The New Year we are soon beginning – 5782- is a SHMITTA/sabbatical year. In his letter, the Rebbe explains the special significance of this year as it can be applied to us in our relationship with G-d. The Rebbe’s emphasis here is not on the agricultural laws of shmitta but rather on the 2 shmitta laws pertaining to debts – where in our relationship with G-d, we are the debtors and G-d is the Creditor.

Weekly Letter: A Letter to the King of Spain

In his letter to the King of Spain, the Rebbe thanks the king for the gracious honor which he accorded to the Rebbe’s emissary on the occasion of the celebration of the Rambam, a native of Cordoba. And takes the opportunity to give the king blessings for the New Year, now during the month of Elul.

Weekly Letter: The Answer to Ones Doubts and Insecurities

With the start of the month of Elul – we begin saying the 27th Chapter of Psalms daily after davening. In answer to one with doubts and insecurities, the Rebbe delves into the cause of these feelings and explains the meaning and deeper significance of this chapter of Tehillim – which contains the remedy.

Weekly Letter: The Mitzvah of Kashrut

In the week of Parshas Re’ey, where we learn the laws of kashrut – we bring a letter in which the Rebbe emphasizes the importance of yiddishkeit as a continuous daily experience and underlines some important aspects of the mitzvah of kashrut.

Weekly Letter: Why Are They Not Saying It?

During our present confusing times, when even men of science seem to be compromised, afraid to lose their position, and we cannot truly know what is fact and what is not – we present a letter of the Rebbe that addresses this very question: if men of science are aware of what modern science says about “laws” and “theories” of science, especially as it pertains to the theory of evolution (one of the weakest theories) – why are they not saying it?

Weekly Letter: Equating of “Orthodoxy” With “Modern-Day Zealots”

During the Nine Day period – we share a letter of the Rebbe written to one whose views about the state of affairs in the Holy Land is based on misinformation. The Rebbe clarifies the writer’s equating of “orthodoxy” with “modern-day zealots” as totally unjustified. The Jewish Zealots in the time of the Roman oppression in Eretz Yisroel before the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash cannot be compared to the orthodoxy of Torah observant Jews of today. 

Weekly Letter: Prayer in Public School

The Rebbe’s initial campaign of Prayer in Public School, which eventually was named A Moment of Silence is a campaign which has its roots years ago and has been ongoing. The Rebbe’s letter we are sharing – addresses this topic many years ago and will make us familiar with the details as they existed in the early years of the campaign – details such as the “Regents Prayer” etc.

Weekly Letter: The Purpose of the Police

In our present time of confusion where “defunding the police” has become a question for debate, we are presenting a letter of the Rebbe written to a police officer upon his promotion. The Rebbe discusses the purpose of the police and also addresses briefly the question of the key to a peaceful and orderly society.

Weekly Letter: Clarity to the Policy That Needs to be Implemented

During these volatile times of rocket attacks by terrorists on Israel, the Rebbe’s powerful letter brings clarity to the policy that needs to be implemented. The Rebbe cites the dire consequences of returning liberated lands, surrendering the Sinai oil fields and the government’s meek policy regarding terrorist attacks.

Weekly Letter: Shlichus, Seeding and Planting

In the week of P’ Shlach, when Moshe sends out his shluchim to scout the land, we share the Rebbe’s encouraging words to a shlucha. In answer to her doubts about success in her efforts – the Rebbe explains that activities fall into two categories – seeding and planting – as classified by chassidus and points out the importance of having confidence in the wisdom of the one who has given the assignment.

Weekly Letter: Taking a Second Wife

On the subject of shiduchim and marriage – during this time of year of a flurry of weddings – we share an unusual letter of the Rebbe in which he advises a childless man who asks about taking a second wife, as is the custom among Sefardic Jews. The Rebbe gives guidelines and advice.