Weekly Letter: The Purpose of the Police

In our present time of confusion where “defunding the police” has become a question for debate, we are presenting a letter of the Rebbe written to a police officer upon his promotion. The Rebbe discusses the purpose of the police and also addresses briefly the question of the key to a peaceful and orderly society.

Weekly Letter: Clarity to the Policy That Needs to be Implemented

During these volatile times of rocket attacks by terrorists on Israel, the Rebbe’s powerful letter brings clarity to the policy that needs to be implemented. The Rebbe cites the dire consequences of returning liberated lands, surrendering the Sinai oil fields and the government’s meek policy regarding terrorist attacks.

Weekly Letter: Shlichus, Seeding and Planting

In the week of P’ Shlach, when Moshe sends out his shluchim to scout the land, we share the Rebbe’s encouraging words to a shlucha. In answer to her doubts about success in her efforts – the Rebbe explains that activities fall into two categories – seeding and planting – as classified by chassidus and points out the importance of having confidence in the wisdom of the one who has given the assignment.

Weekly Letter: Taking a Second Wife

On the subject of shiduchim and marriage – during this time of year of a flurry of weddings – we share an unusual letter of the Rebbe in which he advises a childless man who asks about taking a second wife, as is the custom among Sefardic Jews. The Rebbe gives guidelines and advice.

Weekly Letter: Accepting Mitzvos on Faith

In preparation for Shavuos this coming week – we share a letter of the Rebbe emphasizing the idea of accepting the mitzvos on faith – using the approach we declared at Mount Sinai: na’aseh v’nishma and explaining why it is the logical approach.

Weekly Letter: Secular Sources for Writing Holy Books

In the weeks following Pesach – we customarily learn Pirkei Avos. In this connection – we are sharing a letter to an author of a book on Pirkei Avos – in which the Rebbe gives advice and constructive criticism and a general point on the use of secular sources for writing holy books.

Weekly Letter: The Relevance of the Mishkan

In these parshios that summarize and enumerate the vessels of the Mishkan and their assembling by Moshe (Shabbos chazak) – we share a letter where the Rebbe brings a teaching of the Frierdiker Rebbe who explains the relevance of the mishkan to each of us in our every day lives.

Weekly Letter: DO We Need to Reform Judaism in Order to Ensure Jewish Survival?

In connection with this week’s parsha – of the first “reformers” of Judaism – those who served the golden calf and of the current events in Eretz Yisrael where reformers have instituted a law to accept conservative and reform conversions – we present a letter in which the Rebbe addresses the question of the need to reform Judaism in order to ensure Jewish survival, the betterment of mankind and the keeping up with the times.