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Luxury Condo For Sale PRICE REDUCTION

-580 Crown 
-4 Bedrooms,
-3 Bathrooms,
-4th Bedroom was made into a Living Room,
-Dining Room,
-Split units in every room,
-Custom made closets,
-Very sunny unit,
-2 Porches directly from unit,
-Private Storage Room,
-Shabbos Elevator,
-Tax Abatement,


Listed to sell
Price: $949,000. Negotiable

Exclusively by
J.J. Katz
Heights Properties
718-363-3932 x101

Weekly Letter: No Need To Apologize

Belief in the literal meaning of the Torah – including the creation of the world, is a premise for our belief and observance of the mitzvos. In this letter, the Rebbe reassures the writer that there is no need for “novel analysis” nor for apologetics of those who try to interpret Torah to fit science.

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New Biography On The Rebbe Rashab

Weekly Letter: The Proper Way to Repent

In preparation for the auspicious day of Rosh Hashanah – the opportunity for us to do teshuvah and start the year with a clean slate – we share a letter where the Rebbe explains the proper way to repent, to one who feels tremendous remorse for a particular wrong- doing. In a way that can bring practical and positive results.

Weekly Letter: The Reward Associated With Mezuzah

Checking our mezuzos and tefillin is one of the customs we do in preparation for Rosh Hashanah during the month of Elul. In the letter we share – the Rebbe addresses the question of mentioning the reward associated with the mezuzah, in terms of protection, when promoting the mezuzah campaign which he initiated.

Weekly Letter: L’Dovid Hashem Ori

In the weeks from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Hoshana Rabba it is customary to recite Psalm 27, L’Dovid Hashem Ori, twice daily. The Rebbe in this weeks letter explains briefly the profound significance of this psalm – whereby we contemplate Hashem’s benevolent Providence and careful watchfulness over every detail of our life, instilling in us a feeling of security and confidence.

Weekly Letter: Insight Into Tehillim

During the month of Elul – as we prepare for a New Year – it is our custom to increase in the saying of Tehillim. What is it about Tehillim/Psalms that gives it such power to draw down Hashem’s blessings and compassion? Why has it become so popular among all Jews? The Rebbe’s letter gives us some insight into Tehillim.

Weekly Letter: Seven Weeks of Nechama/Comfort

In this weeks letter – which will hopefully bring comfort during these “Seven Weeks of Nechama/Comfort” – the Rebbe’s writes in answer to one who is in search of the truth and asks why it is that Yidden remain loyal to their faith after having endured so much persecution. The Rebbe refers to the Revelation at Sinai in his clear and concise explanation, among other points he makes.

Weekly Letter: Comforting the Bereaved

In the week of Shabbos Nachamu/comfort we present a letter of the Rebbe of nichum aveilim- comforting the bereaved. The comfort that one gets for his personal grieving is derived from the comfort which all Yidden, who are mourning the destruction of Tzion and Yerushalayim , get from Hashem’s promise. Its clear message will help us understand an find comfort.

Weekly Letter: Fulfilling a Neder

This weeks parsha begins with the laws of vows and oaths. Although the Rebbe on principle does not answer legal/halachic questions, he does on occasion address questions of halachah – in this letter, a question the writer is asking about the neder that he had made. 

Weekly Letter: Seeing Beyond the Surface of the Object

With the beginning the three week period – we present a letter of the Rebbe to an artist in a mood of despair. The Rebbe points to the talent of an artist to see beyond the surface of the object and express its inner essence. So too in our service of Hashem – where we aim to see more than the surface. The Rebbe discusses the purpose of trials, tragedies and difficulties – especially in light of chassidus.