Weekly Story: The Frierdiker Rebbe

As many of you have commented to me, it is apparent that I am focusing on the biography of the Frierdiker Rebbe. This week I am posting a few anecdotes of his life, that bring out one aspect of his greatness – in limud HaTorah.

Picture of the Day

Have you registered to vote yet? Crown Heights activist Yaacov Behrman hands a stack of voter registration forms to Avi Lesches, both of whom are active in the United Crown Heights group to bring Crown Heights back onto the political map.

Weekly Dvar Torah: Kindling Souls

After the inauguration of the Tabernacle by the princes, Aaron felt dejected not having been part of the celebrations. G-d comforted Aaron; don’t feel bad, your share is greater than theirs, you get to kindle the Menorah, and this is far superior to that of the princes. What’s unique about lighting the Menorah?