Video of the Day

It’s a beautiful day in de Blasio’s New York City, and residents of Crown Heights are confused as to why they need to spend over three hours digging out a city bus stuck on Brooklyn Ave – a major traffic arterie in Brooklyn – two days after a snowstorm? They have nothing better to be doing with their lives, right?

After Eviction, Chabad of Brentwood Has A Chance To Regain Their Chabad House

Chabad of Brentwood has been dealing with a long legal battle to regain ownership of their Chabad house. Last week everything came to an all-time low when the Rabbi and his family were evicted from their home, Chabad house, school, and Mikva. With tremendous bracha from Hashem and intervention from a team of top lawyers, they have entered contract to finally buy the building back. Now they need your help.

Picture of the Day

A tragedy last night sent The Beach Shul on Beach 3rd in Far Rockaway up in flames. This photo was snapped of a Rockaway Shomrim Coordinator carrying a Sefer Torah that was rescued from the flames.

22 Shvat: Join “The Rebbetzin’s Party”

Due to the popular appeal of its contents, Sichos in English is working to remodel the Likkutei Dibburim anthology taking the wisdom-filled manuscripts and compiling them into a sleek and reader-friendly series. The updated series will include seamless navigation with a clear index, subject headings, and reader-friendly text. 

Here’s My Story: The Shul is Taking Flight

Mr. Herzl Makov has served as the director of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center since its establishment in 1999. Previously, he served as the CEO of the International Betar Youth Movement, as the director of the Prime Minister’s Office, and in managerial positions for the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization. He was interviewed in July of 2011.