Weekly Story: The Relevance of a Known Story

While everyone enjoys hearing something new, and in general I try not to recycle stories that have already been publicized, that is not entirely the correct perspective.  During farbrengens, mashpi’im often retell the same story to emphasize the importance of the message. Certain concepts have to become part and parcel of our mindset and mashpiim repeat a thought in order that it be ingrained in our DNA.

Weekly Comedy and Parsha Video

Rabbi Zvi Hershcovich, a Chabad Shliach in NDG, Canada who also performs standup comedy as Cholentface, has been producing weekly Parsha and comedy videos in order to teach his community about the Torah portion. Pinchas 2020: “Help me find a missed connection!”

Siyum Harambam in Cincinnati Yeshiva

Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, directed by Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, arranged a special Siyum HaRambam for the Talmidim and the local community. The participants saw a video of the Rebbe making the first Siyum and heard divrei chizzuk from the Chavrei Hanhalla.

Double shooting in Crown Heights Park

Two men were shot in a Crown Heights park Thursday night, continuing a spree of shootings in New York City. Their injuries were considered non life threatening, and were transported to local hospitals.