8:00pm: How Can We Compare Tanya to Torah She’Be’Ksav?

The topics in this week’s 287th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Why Was Chassidus Not Taught Earlier? How Can We Compare Tanya to Torah She’Be’Ksav? Why Don’t We Follow the Opinion of the Majority Regarding Chassidus? Does the Body Have Its Own Energy Besides the Life Force Coming to It from the Soul? How Do We Explain the Seemingly Unacceptable Behavior of the Tribes? What Is the Role of Yud Tes Kislev in the Development of Chassidus?

Chanukah Comes to Life in Modi’in, the Birthplace of the Maccabees

The people of Modi’in have some pretty big shoes to fill come every Chanukah. The city, located in Israel’s center midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is the illustrious epicenter of the Chanukah story and hometown of its heroes—the larger-than-life Maccabees and their emboldened leader and father, Matisyahu, the Hasmonean priest.

Update On Camp Emunah and Rebbetzin Hecht

Over the past few months’ Jewish women and girls all over the globe have been praying for the continued health and recovery for Rebbetzin Hecht (Chave Bas Esther Leah). BH Rebbetzin Hecht’s health has slowly been making improvements and we are hopeful that she will be back in camp this upcoming summer of 5780.