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Bundle up! It’s going to Freeze!

The New York City office of Emergency Management has released a cold temperature advisory for New York City. Temperatures are forecasted to be below freezing through the weekend, with a chance of snow flurries this week.

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NBA Teams Partner with Chabad for a Night of Jewish Pride

The American Airlines Arena in Miami, was transformed into a Chanukah celebration this Sunday as the Miami Heat hosted their tenth annual Jewish Heritage Night with Chabad of Florida. They join teams in all divisions of both the Eastern and Western Conferences hosting similar events this Chanukah.

US, Foreign Leaders Attend Bush Funeral

The funeral of President George H.W. Bush got underway on Wednesday, with US and foreign dignitaries gathered to commemorate the life of a World War Two hero, Cold War veteran, and former head of the CIA, who went on to represent an era of civility in US politics.

Picture of the Day

Bochurim of Oholei Torah enjoyed a Fleishig meal sponsored by local Shliach Rabbi Avrohom Hertz in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn after a successful Mivtzoim night. The Bochurim and Shliach shared inspirational stories and sang Niggunim.

NYPD Drones Now Flying Over NYC

The NYPD has just unleashed their fleet of drones to help crime fighting in NYC. The new drones, of various sizes, will be a sigh of relief from residence of high crime areas as a possible replacement for the loud helicopters presently used.