Weekly Story: The Rebbe Does a Favor in Return

by Rabbi Sholom Avtzon

The KGB interrogator just smiled and said, “We have ways of arranging accidents on the road and the American officials will find you dead from a car accident and everyone will think that you were driving too fast on unfamiliar roads, or something like that, and that sometimes accidents happen.”

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Weekly Living Torah Video: Spiritual Hunger

This week’s Living Torah video is of a sicha delivered to the boys and girls at a children’s rally. It’s amazing to witness the passion with which the Rebbe speaks to the children; while some would think of an address to young kids as an afterthought, the Rebbe clearly attached great importance to such events.

Can You Host a Shlucha?

With the Kinus Hashluchos just one month away, the Kinus office has begun receiving numerous calls from shluchos who very much anticipate attending the Kinus, especially this year, being that it is a Hakhel year, but do not have anywhere to stay.