Missing 9-Year-Old May Have Gotten into Man’s Car


The search for Leibby Kletzky continued Tuesday night more than a day after the 9-year-old boy from Borough Park went missing. Two new surveillance videos are being seen as possible leads in the disappearance.

Crown Heights Lawyer Behind States’ Anti-Sharia Laws


Under Scrutiny: Muslim devotees gather for prayer at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Md. A study by David Yerushalmi found that 81% of American mosques had literature sanctioning violence.

A legislative wave is surging through the nation’s heartland: In Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona, lawmakers have passed statutes prohibiting courts from relying on any foreign law, legal code or system that is contrary to state or federal public policy in reaching their decisions. Similar statutes are being considered in 20 other states.

How Does a Teacher Engage Her Entire Class?

Mechanchos participating in last years conference. Illustration Photo.

Rabbi Jacobson, an educational consultant from Los Angeles, will introduce and train participants in using what is arguably the single most powerful instructional strategy. Participants are first exposed to the concept from both the theoretical framework of educational psychology as well as from their own experience. The different categories and uses of Active Participation are learned and practiced.

Chabad Shul in Moscow Firebombed


Security cameras caught the firebombing on video, which has been provided to police.

Six firebombs were thrown at a Habad synagogue in Moscow on Tuesday in what is suspected to be a retaliation for the sentencing of a murderous Neo-Nazi gang to life in prison.