CGI NY Visits Crown Heights for Chof Av

In what has become a longstanding tradition, the campers of Gan Israel of Parksville, NY make their way to Crown Heights in honor of Chof Av, the day of the Yohrtziet of Reb Levi Yitzchok, the Rebbes father.

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Didan Notzach: Rabbi Wins Prayer Group Appeal

Portland Press Herald

Rabbi Moshe Wilansky speaks at a rally as clergy from other faiths and other supporters demonstrate Thursday afternoon in front of Portland City Hall.

PORTLAND, ME — The city has reversed its decision to prohibit an orthodox rabbi from hosting weekly prayer services at his Portland home.

Zoning board of appeals members voted 5-0 late Thursday to allow Rabbi Moshe Wilansky to continue hosting Saturday prayer meetings, a ruling that eased the concerns of many religious leaders and civil liberties advocates.

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The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Eikev

The Rebbe says:

1. The first words of this week’s Torah portion are, “And it shall be, because you listened to these ordinances of Hashem (G-d)… He will love you, bless you and multiply you…”.

Rashi (an acronym for Reb Shlomo Yitzchaki) points out that the Hebrew word “Eikev” which is simply translated in this verse as “because”, also means “heel”. Consequently, explains Rashi, the verse is alluding to the sort of Mitzvos (commandments) that people regard as relatively unimportant so they tend to “trample on them with their heels”. Thus, the Torah is assuring the Jewish people that if they are careful to observe even these neglected commandments, they can be certain that Hashem will reward them with His kindness.

The source of Rashi’s explanation is from the Midrash Tanchuma who says this in a slightly different way; “When the Torah says, ‘Eikev’”, says the Midrash Tanchuma, “it is referring to “light” Mitzvos which people are not careful to keep and they throw them away under their heels”.