Vaad Hakohol Announces New Leadership for Crown Heights Kashrus

(L-R) Rav Shlomo Segal, shlit”a and Rav Yitzchok Zirkind, shlit”a.

Rav Zirkind and Rav Segal Assume Responsibility as Executive Supervisors

Crown Heights, Brooklyn — On the first anniversary of the elections for the Crown Heights Beis Din, the Vaad Hakohol of Crown Heights is proud to announce new leadership for the Vaad Hakashrus of the Crown Heights BaDaTz. Effective immediately Rav Yitzchok Zirkind, shlit”a and Rav Shlomo Segal, shlit”a, Rabbonim of the Beis Din, will be serving as co – Executive Supervisors of Kashrus under the esteemed leadership of Rav Osdoba, shlit”a.

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Rabbi Attacked at Paris Train Station

European Jewish News
Elie Dahan, who is the rabbi of the community of Nord-Pas-de Calais in northern France, was violently attacked by a 20-year-old Black man while walking in the lanes of the Paris North station. File picture: Rabbi Elie Dahan (black hat) delivers a speech, 2 April 2007, during a silent demonstration in the Jewish cemetery in Lille where 50 gravestones were desecrated on the eve of the Jewish Passover.

Paris, France — A rabbi was insulted and attacked Thursday morning at the Paris North train station by a young man who beat him.

New Chabad House To Open At Virginia Tech

A new Chabad House to be opened at Virginia Tech, will be named for slain Professor Liviu Librescu

Lubavitch of the Virginias, headed by Rabbi Yossel Kranz, will be opening a new Chabad House at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va, to serve the university’s Jewish students, announced Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky of Lubavitch World Headquarters today.

Info to be Menachem Avel the family of Mrs Charitonow OBM

The family of Mrs Rochel Charitonow OBM will be sitting Shiva at 630 Empire Blvd [between Kingston and Albany aves].

She is survived by her daughters Yibadlu Lechaim Tovim Mrs. Bella Rubashkin (Crown Heights) Mrs Dusia Vogel (London, England) Mrs Leah Dubrowski (Crown Heights) and Mrs Etel Krasnianski (Philadelphia, PA)

Shacharis: 7am Mincha: 7:30pm and Maariv: Bezmana

Tel: 718-756-1535
Fax: 718-228-6164

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.

Why Chabad Excels in Russia, And Why Reform Judaism Doesn’t

Shvitz Exclusive – Jewcy
Planting Roots: Rabbi Michael Farbman of Shaarei Shalom, Reform’s first perma-shul in St. Petersburg

Late last week, the Jewish Telegraph Agency proudly announced the near completion of Sha’arei Shalom, a new $2 million Reform synagogue on the banks of the Neva River in St. Petersburg. It is the first building built by and for the Reform movement or, more broadly, Progressive Judaism, in post-Soviet Russia. But beneath the headline “Hopes Rise for St. Petersburg Reform Synagogue” was an undercurrent of disappointment that Reform and Progressive Judaism have not done more for Russian Jewry.

Party at Dairyville on Lag B’Omer

Jewish Review

Portland, OR — Horses and dogs and science—oh my! Those who journey down the well-traveled road to the eighth annual Lag B’Omer celebration at Alpenrose Dairy, 2-5 p.m., May 6, will experience all three as well as entertainment, carnival games and activities hosted by nearly 40 local Jewish organizations.

This year’s event has been dubbed the Jewish Community Celebration in recognition of the large cross-section of the community it draws.
“This is an outstanding annual community event involving people from every local organization,” said Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Executive Vice-President Charles Schiffman. “It is a fine example of the collaborative approach that we discussed at our recent Leadership Council meeting with rabbis, organizations, agencies and congregations. I hope the entire community will join in the fun this year at Alpenrose Dairy.”

Bar Mitzvah Marks Milestone

The Alanta Journal Constitution
With Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman of Chadad Intown by his side, Jake Silverstein reads from the Torah during a dress rehearsal for his bar mitzvah, which was last Shabbos.

Atlanta, GA — Like many teenage boys, Jake Silverstein enjoys sports and video games.

But when he turned 13 this month, Jake became a young man under Jewish law. The DeKalb County teen was feted with a series of dinners and parties to celebrate his coming of age, or bar mitzvah.

A Time To Cry, A Time To Act

Rebecca Rosenthal –

Blacksburg, VA — At Virginia Tech, students need time to heal, and then an opportunity to act.

Virginia Tech students sat quietly, some weeping at the Blacksburg Jewish Community Center’s brief prayer service Tuesday night, too overcome, too emotionally exhausted to do much more than answer ‘amen’ to recital of the mourner’s prayer by Rabbi Yossel Kranz, Executive Director of Chabad of the Virginias.

The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Tazria Metzora – This Too Is For Good

Rabbi Yossi Kahanov Shliach to Jacksonville, FL

Rabbi Akiva, the Talmud relates, was accustomed to saying: Kol mah d’ovied Rachmono, l’tav ovied, meaning: Everything that the Merciful-One [G-d] does is for the good. Once, while he was traveling, recounts the Talmud, he was in dire need of lodging, he knocked on the door of a home in the village at which he had arrived, but was refused hospitality. Yet, instead of being discouraged, Rabbi Akiva declared “Everything that the Merciful-One does is for the good.”

He knocked on another door but the response was much the same and so too was his reaction: “Everything that the Merciful-One does is for the good.” His demeanor did not change even after he knocked on every door in town and was refused entry. Lacking a more favorable alternative, he encamped in a field on the outskirts of the town.

Levaya of Professor Liviu Librescu OBM

Brooklyn, NY — Wednesday, 4 in the afternoon, Professor Liviu Librescu OBM Levaya leaving Shomrei Hachomos in Borough Park to be taken to Israel for burial by his wife who arrived just a few minutes before the processions.

Paying their respects were NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, NYC Councilman Simcha Felder, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, and representatives of the Mayor’s office.

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim.

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Chabad in Florida buys new Chabad House

Palm Beach Gardens, FL — Rabbi Dovid and Mrs Chana Vigler Shluchim to Palm Beach Gardens have just purchase an old Fire House for 1.2 million dollars, located in the central of town to serve as their new Chabad House.

Boasting 5000 square feet on almost an acre of land, the building will provided them with enough room to develop their Jewish Community Center, Hebrew School, Synagogue and office space for the many programs which they have planned for their growing community.